4 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss – Eat Your Way To Gorgeous, Full Hair

One of the problems people encounter these days is hair loss. Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male affliction, women actually make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers. Here are some ideas to help you choose foods that prevent hair loss in the long run:

1. Eggs And Fish

Protein is the primary element in the composition of hair, which makes the fact, that consuming a meal that is rich in protein will maintain your hair healthy, quite logical.

Nevertheless, eating just a piece of meat every day won’t be helpful. Diets containing foods that are high in fat will lead to high testosterone levels, which is linked to hair loss – so meat alone is not among the foods that prevent hair loss.

Focus your diet on protein sources like fish – which has a lot of health pros other than just preventing your hair from falling) – low-fat cheese, calf liver, yogurt, eggs, chicken, almonds, brewer’s yeast and beans. Tofu and soy milk are also a bonus to your diet because they are low in bad fats and have lots of protein.

2. Raisins And Dried Fruit

Iron has a big role in making hemoglobin – the component of blood which carries oxygen to the organs. When hemoglobin is at a normal level, your blood is carrying the right amount of oxygen. This means your scalp also is getting enough blood, which will make your hair grow. Remember, when you want to eat something sweet, try to eat dried fruits, like raisins, and drink cherry juice because they contain high levels of iron.

Red fruits are among the best foods that prevent hair loss. There are other foods that are high in iron: Dark-green leafy vegetables like kale and also grain cereals. The absorption of iron is improved by Vitamin C, so you should consume fruits like strawberries, lemons, and oranges on a daily basis. Don’t overdo it though! Whether dried or fresh, fruit does contain a lot of fructose, which is basically sugar.

3. Bean Sprouts

If you’re looking for growing hair and keeping it from falling, silica will help. Vitamins and silica must be in a combination for the treatment to work. Silica can be found in foods, such as bean sprouts and the skin of cucumbers, peppers (green and red) and potatoes. When you eat these foods that prevent hair loss raw instead of cooking them, you gain a much higher nutritional value out of them.

Most of the men whose hair is falling have zinc deficiencies. In many of the body’s functions, zinc plays a big role, beginning from cell reproduction and continuing to hormonal balance, and all these functions have an impact on hair growth.

The glands that attach to the hair follicles are relying on zinc to function properly. When levels of zinc are low, the follicles weaken, causing hair to fall off. To combat this, eat zinc-rich foods that prevent hair loss, such as red meat, mussels, poultry, nuts, shrimp and oysters. Excessive amounts of zinc can also lead to hair loss, so it’s better to skip a zinc supplement if you are eating enough of the above-mentioned foods…

4. Potatoes

It may be hard not to eat fast food, but oily foods are one of the worst foods you could eat if your hair falls off. If you really want to eat a burger and fries, make the burger yourself, and bake some potatoes (leaving the skin on) to go with the burger. Try to eat less excessively cold, spicy and sugary foods as well. These can hurt your body, and while it’s busy with something unhealthy, it may not be functioning at its peak level.

Your overall health will benefit from eating a balanced diet and this will, in turn, reflect on your hair as well. Once the affliction is gone, don’t put your hair in danger with foods that can make it fall off again. To prevent the return of the affliction, you should eat something from every group of foods that prevent hair loss on a daily basis: Food that has a lot of silica, protein, zinc, and iron.

In conclusion, hair loss is an affliction that you can counteract, not only by relying on pharmaceutical treatments but also by consistently eating foods that prevent hair loss. The ones described above are the most helpful to prevent this affliction.

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