Durag Zone: Get Those Perfect Waves You Love

The durag or the do-rag, was very popular two to three decades ago. In fact, it was actually a staple of the hip-hop scene up until the early 2000s. It was enough to be sported by Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek for the rest of the world to follow into the durag zone.

Ever since then, this accessory has crawled into the high fashion zone, making appearances even on the red carpet. Even online people are going crazy after it and the waves it creates. From influencers to people who just want to fit in with the culture, there are a lot of people out there obsessed with it. And for good reason, if you ask us. Those waves? They drippin’!

Get into the Durag zone with silk or velvet

Duragas come in many colors, though the most important choice you can make when buying one, is the material. Whether you choose silk, velvet or even polyester is a matter of preference, budget and look you are after.

Velvet vs. Silk vs. Polyester

If you’ve never worn this type of accessory before, or are simply unfamiliar with them, you will be surprised to learn that traditionally, do-rags were made from satin. This material is actually a breathable weave. This makes it ideal as a do-rag. However, it is also a delicate material. You can damage it easily without proper care.

Velvet durags, one of the most popular choices nowadays, are actually lined with satin on the inside, so you get the best of both worlds for your hair: something breathable yet also durable!

Silk durags, on the other hand, are the best of the best. Just like silk pillowcases, which don’t give you face wrinkles in the morning, silk do-rags are considered the luxury option. Silk is softer that velvet and does an even better job at keeping your hair frizz-free. It’s also shinier and much softer to the touch.

Silk durags have also been around for a very long time. However, nowadays, most silky do-rags are impostors. They actually consist of fabric woven with a small amount of silk. In this case, you’re better off with velvet.

Real silk ones are easy to identify: they are smooth to the touch and are somewhat heavy. You can buy really beautiful silk durags at Durag Zone.

The people over at Durag Zone are dedicated to helping you create the perfect waves for your hair. Their premium collection of stylish and high-quality products will help you train your hair in order to get those beautiful wavy curls. Each of the durags they sell was handpicked and made with high-quality materials in order to deliver the best waves! Their website is worth checking out.

As far as polyester durags go, let’s just say there is a reason why they are the least popular choice in the wave community. The big pros about them is their cheap price and durability. However, in terms of quality waves, polyester is not your friend. You will simply not get good waves.

Learn how to tie a do-rag properly for perfect curls

They say you can wear your do-rag however you want. While that is technically true, there’s a little more to it than that, if you want beautiful curls. In order to help you achieve excellent results, we prepared a short guide below.

  1. Start by placing it on your head. Line up the label and seam line with the center of your face.
  2. Next, wrap the strings behind your head. Take a string in each hand and pull them behind in order to create an X. Tie it. Make sure the strings lay between your ear and head. It should not cover your ears. Your ears should be visible.
  3. You can either flatten the strings or roll them up, it’s up to you.

All things considered, durags are a great way of getting waves. However, the benefit of this fashion accessory don’t stop there. They also protect your hair from dryness and frizz. So, if your hair is naturally curly and thick, using a durag every now and then can really improve it!

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