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Living In Southgate Michigan – Newcomers Guide

If you are about to move in Southgate or just did it but you’re a disoriented newcomer, this basic guide on living in Southgate MI can prove to be very useful. We’ll focus here on Southgate’s livability score and on the best things you can do here in your spare time.

Southgate – A General View

Part of Wayne County, Southgate is the South entrance to the Metro Detroit area. With an estimated population of 29,088, it’s the 38th largest city in Michigan and borders Riverview (south), Lincoln Park (north), Allen Park (northwest), Wyandotte (east), Taylor (west) and Brownstown Charter Township (southwest). Southgate is part of the so-called Downriver community, that gathers all cities and townships along the western shore of the Detroit River.

Living In Southgate, Michigan

The city’s cost of living is with 14% less expensive than the US average, and this percent is reflected in the housing domain. With a 63% homeownership, the median home value is of $87,900, while the median rent price is $814 (14%lower than the US average).

The sales tax in Michigan is 6%, with a maximum surtax of 6%. There are plenty of options if you want to buy a house here. From cozy 2 bedrooms ones to spacious 5 beds and 4 bathrooms houses.

You can check out 48101, 48134,48138, 48173 zip codes for some beautiful houses for sale or rent. You’ll experience the suburban feel of some family orientated neighborhoods. And you’ll also get the chance to benefit from living in a rather small community where all amenities are close by.

If you’re looking for a furniture store, a tool shop, you name it, a quick drive will solve your problem. There are plenty of nearby contractors you can call and hire, from plumbing services to gardening&landcsaping. For roof-related problems or “roofing near me” searches, you can check out DownriverRoofers.com.

Best Things To Do In Southgate

Once settled in, you can start exploring the town. You’ll find satisfying things to do and see within a walking distance or a short drive/bus ride. Here’s a list of enjoyable activities:

  1. Explore the local cuisine. Southgate is renowned for the food and it’s often called the dining capital of Downriver. From classic food-chains to family-owned restaurants specialized in Italian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Hungarian, Arabic, Mexican, Japanese cuisine, there are plenty of tasty choices.
  2. Go watch a movie. MJR Southgate Digital Cinema has various show-times and theaters and an ample parking lot. The recliner seats are a great bonus.
  3. Book a downriver cruise and enjoy some splendid river views.
  4. Cruisin’ Downriver is a must. It takes place once/year, usually in late June and it’s a cool gathering of impressive cars and people from all the Downriver communities.
    Yellow and green cars cruising Downriver Michigan
  5. Enjoy a drink in one of Southgate’s bars and pubs. Depending on what you choose, you may also grab a snack, play some pool or listen to live music.
  6. Explore the towns nearby. From Wyandotte, you can book a kayak and do the Detroit river canal tour or visit the Heritage Park in Taylor, with soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and swimming pools.

As a conclusion, Southgate is basically a typical downriver town, with cozy neighborhoods, a tide community, a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere. Plenty of amenities within reach, so a comfortable place to live in. If you’re missing the big city thrills, Detroit is a short 20 minutes drive away (via I-94 W). You can stop half-way, in River Rouge, and check out the functioning lighthouse located in the Belanger Park.

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