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Tips For Selecting A Car Seat Stroller Combo

When it comes to hitting the road with your little ones, car seats are a must to keep them safe. Travelling can be a stressful event with a baby, all their gear in tow. Manufacturers have caught on to the dilemma of new parents and now provide complete baby travel systems, which include both an infant car seat and stroller. A car seat stroller combo is more cost-effective and convenient than buying the two items separately. This all-in-one product has become such a hot ticket item, it makes you question how you managed before.

Where Do I Begin?

When searching for the best car seat stroller combo for your baby, the myriad of options available can be quite overwhelming. Start your search by first considering the most important features required before making your final decision. This is especially important for a product you will be using for the next few years if you invest wisely.

Now that car seat stroller combos are so popular, new-age parents are looking for strollers that fit their lifestyles. They are looking for sleek, modern designs that have plenty of storage for both baby and parents. Some strollers even have a place for a cellphone and coffee thermos for parents’ convenience. They want maximum comfort for baby, customized designs and something that is compact, convenient, safe, durable, and easy to use.

Car Seat Stroller Must-Haves

Don’t let the myriad of brands and variations in design on the market confuse you. Stick to the basics and focus on these criteria when making your baby travel system selection:

Weight And Size

The recommended stats for the weight and size is about 12 lbs for a car seat and 20 lbs for a stroller. A system that is compact and lightweight is your best option, considering all the other baby gear you will have to haul around. Essentially, there’s no sense in buying a system that takes up most of your vehicle’s interior and trunk space.


Even with all the must-have features, your baby’s comfort is a priority. If they are not comfortable in the seat, they will not want to stay in it for long. Choose a car seat stroller in one that has plush but sturdy material, ergonomic neck and back support and adjustable features, including the ability to recline the seating.

Baby Car Seat Safety

Do some research on the safety ratings for the travel system you are considering buying. Look at trusted brands like Nuna ( that you can rely on. You want to have peace of mind that your child is safe from product defects. You want to know that in the case of an emergency, your precious cargo will be protected.

Most car seat and stroller manufacturers will proudly publicize their safety ratings but it doesn’t hurt to do your own research. Ensure that your car seat is not on a recall list and also check consumer reviews online, for common flaws or defects reported. You must also ensure that you are using the product correctly.

Maneuverability Is Important

Your travel system should be simple to fold and unfold, attach and detach. It should allow you to transport your baby with a seamless transition and minimal disturbance to him or her. Choose something that is not too bulky, fits in your vehicle with ease and allows you to get in and out of your car quickly. Your stroller should be easy to push around on the road and have 360 degree turning wheels, that allow you to smoothly navigate turns.

Ease Of Installation

You should not have to be an Engineer to figure out how to install a car seat or stroller. First-time parents usually dread the car seat installation learning curve. It seems so complicated to fit the buckles and latches of the seatbelt and car seat base and to press the right levers or buttons to fold or unfold a stroller. Avoid the frustration by ensuring that the travel system you select, is simple to install, with the least amount of steps and physical exertion.

Increased Durability

Picking a travel system of the best quality does not have to be super expensive. There is a car seat stroller combo out there for every parent’s budget. So even though your little one will only stay little for a short while, choosing a system designed for long-term use and durability, will yield a return on your investment. This is especially true if you plan on reusing it for the next child. Please resist the urge to go cheap, it will not be worth it the long run.

All these criteria for choosing an infant travel system can appear quite daunting when trying to make a decision. However, if you miss these basics, you may end up with buyer’s remorse. Whether you want to go modern or stay contemporary with a classic design, once all the above criteria are met, you can go crazy with the bells and whistles. Finally, whichever system you end up choosing, protect your investment with a warranty for not less than two years. Happy shopping!

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