4 Basics For Gun Safety You Should Know

Buying a weapon is a very personal decision. After all, each person who chooses to purchase a gun does so for their own unique set of reasons. Most people who purchase a gun claim they bought the weapon for their home or personal safety. Other people do this as a hobby, collecting them. Then there are those who like to hunt. Of course, the downside of guns is accidents and tragedies. That’s why learning about gun safety is so important. It can literally save both your life and other people’s lives.

Learn About Gun Safety

The Trigger

A person should never put their finger on the trigger unless they are prepared to shoot. That includes when there are no bullets in the gun. If you keep your gun in a concealed shoulder holster, you will want to make sure the trigger is protected carefully in the holster since this points the weapon at whoever is behind you. Always treat a gun as if it’s loaded.

The Safety

Not every gun has a manual safety. Remember that the most important safety feature of any gun is a person’s brain. For those that do have a manual safety, it is important to make sure that it is suited to the person’s hand, whether left or right. Some guns have both a manual safety switch and trigger safety, while another may have a safety built into the grip. Each person must decide what feature works best for their ability and lifestyle.

The Target

When aiming a gun, whether at a range or elsewhere, it is easy to have immediate tunnel vision on the target. This may help a person aim correctly, but it can be dangerous to anything around the target. Taking a moment to breathe and notice not only the target but what is behind it or beside it can make a huge difference in a person’s ability to shoot competently.

Remember these safety tips when working with any weapon. Gun safety classes are available in cities, or contact a local firing range and ask if they have a teacher they recommend.


Ironically, the biggest tragedies that are related to guns don’t involve adults. They involve children. In the search for safety, many parents decide to purchase guns, only to forget hiding them. When children can have access to guns, tragedy ensues. Children are irrational and irresponsible because it is their nature. Unfortunately, many have died playing with guns.

That’s why finding a good hiding place is important. However, it is not enough. You must also keep the gun and the bullets in two separate locations. Your best bet is to buy a safe and keep it there. Though, according to statistics, even that can be cracked by kids. Indeed, no method is fool-proof. That’s why buying a gun is such a heavy decision.

As you can see, there is more to guns that meets the eye. Whatever the reason you wish to purchase one, anyone who takes on this huge responsibility should be aware of a few basics of gun safety. After all, guns are deadly weapons that can easily end a life.

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