3 Causes Of Building Damage

Maintaining a building is hard work, and it can be financially and personally devastating when a building gets damaged. If you are aware of the types of damage that can occur, you can take steps to mitigate the damage. Here are three causes of building damage. 

1. Earthquakes

An earthquake is an intense and very sudden shaking of the Earth’s surface that can cause anything from very minor to severe damage to structures, depending on the magnitude of the earthquake. Fortunately, buildings can be built in a way that withstands earthquakes better than the average building. Such buildings are more common in earthquake-prone regions of the world, such as the California coast. Cross braces and shear walls are two of the ways that structures can be built to be more earthquake resistant. 

2. Fires

Fires often start in the kitchen area or within the electrical and wiring systems of homes, warehouses, and offices. Having a working sprinkler system is one way to reduce the risk that your building will be majorly damaged by a fire. Testing fire sprinklers Orange County CA is an important maintenance task that should be performed on a regular basis by a professional. Other ways to prevent fires in buildings include not leaving candles and space heaters unattended, using surge protectors, and replacing wires when they get too old. 

3. Floods

Floods are one of many natural disasters that cannot be prevented by a homeowner or business owner. The first step to mitigating the damage that a flood could do to your home and property is knowing how much at risk your area is to flooding and preparing accordingly. From there, you can take actions such as storing valuables on the higher levels of your property. 

These are three common causes of building damage to be aware of. Educating yourself about them can help keep you safe. 

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