Is Stress Really To Blame For The Onset Of Addison’s Disease?

If you have ever thought that there is nothing like stress-related disease, then you need to think again, because it is not just real, but becoming obvious and alarming these days. How you handle your physical and emotional stress goes a long way in determining the overall state of your health.

Some people experience their stress-related disease in the form of slight headaches, while for others it’s an extreme case of a heart attack. All of them are related to stress but entirely avoidable. Most people are really doubtful when it comes to the relationship between stress and health, in other words, how stress affects health.

So, How Does Stress Affect Health?

The obviousness of the effect of stress on the body depends mainly on the body type and the system involved. From various observations, scientists have concluded that the cardiovascular and the digestive systems have a higher share of the effect of stress. They are the ones most affected by stress.

Now the question here is how does stress affect your health in relation to your digestive and cardiovascular systems and how it leads to stress-related disease? Studies have made it known that the digestive system is very susceptible to stress hormones. Stress hormones have the ability to induce the movement of the bowel. They can also increase and decrease the acidic rate of your gastric juice.

An increase will lead to constipation, while a decrease will cause cramping and loose bowel. Decrease your stomach’s acidity and you get indigestion. Increase it and get ready for heartburn. Of course, none of these feel good. Does stress affect your cardiovascular health? Yes, it does! The cardiovascular system has the highest susceptibility rate of getting affected by high-stress levels.

Stress hormones are capable of increasing your heart rate, as well as your blood pressure. These two symptoms are chronic in nature and can result in a stroke or a heart attack. However, I’d love to emphasis on a stress-related health problem which is becoming serious nowadays.

Addison’s Is A Stress-Related Disease

This stress-related disease occurs when the adrenal glands are deficient of the hormone cortisol and aldosterone. Addison’s disease can best be described as an autoimmune disease. It affects roughly one out of 100,000 people. It still remains a severe condition, which is non-respective of age and gender.

Addison’s disease is of much disadvantage to the entire body. It disturbs the production of cortisol which is an important hormone for the smooth functioning of every organ present in the body. There are some symptoms accrued to this stress-related disease. Fatigue, muscle weakness, higher weight loss and loss of appetite are among them. Patients suffering from Addison’s disease should try and seek ways to manage their daily stress. They should take up exercises and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Using herbal and homeopathic remedies are also great ways to cure this stress-related disease. Homeopathy involves stimulation of the body’s natural healing response. Herbs like Siberian Ginseng, Borage, Huang Qi and Licorice root are also important in promoting adrenal health, as well as reduce stress.

This stress-related disease known as Addison’s is truly proof of the ability of stress to influence every part of the body. Natural ways of managing stress are obviously the best options you have to promote good health and live a quality life.


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