3 Factors In Construction Safety

The construction field involves being around heavy equipment, working at great heights, and being around potentially hazardous materials. Although all industries carry the potential for employees to get hurt on the job, some workers are more at risk than others. Fortunately, the industry has many things in place to reduce the risk of injury among workers. Here are three factors of construction safety. 

1. Well-Maintained Equipment

When the machines that are used during construction are not well-maintained, the risk of injury is higher for the person using the machine. This is because pieces of equipment that do not work well tend to be less efficient and are more likely to break and have their safety features compromised. In addition to maintaining the equipment, it is a good idea to inspect the vehicles prior to using them. Whether you need to have crane repairs Knoxville or fix other equipment, proper maintenance, proper maintenance is key to helping ensure construction safety. 

2. Wearing Protective Gear

While using safe and well-maintained equipment is helpful in preventing injuries and accidents, it cannot prevent everything. Each construction employee should wear clothing that protects them from burns, falling objects, and other job hazards. Helmets should be worn at all times in areas where buildings are being raised. Masks should be worn where there are hazardous chemicals or small particles that people can inhale. In addition, if an employee is working on a tall building, they should have the proper lanyards attached to them in the event that they fall.

3. Communicate

Communication is important in all jobs, especially those where safety is a big concern. If you see a coworker doing something dangerous, let them know or let a manager know so that they can correct the action. 

It is important to stay safe if you work in the construction industry or in another hazardous field. 

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