10 Reasons To Sleep More And Why You Should Do It, Starting Tonight

Waking up fresh and ready to begin a new day is one of the best feelings in the world. These days, people tend to sleep from 4 to 6 hours a night, which is not enough. This constant lack of sleep can lead to diabetes, obesity, heart and brain diseases. If you feel fresh and ready for a new day after less than six hours of sleep, I am sorry to break it to you, but your whole body will feel the consequences. So here are 10 reasons why you should sleep more.

1. Your Physical Health Will Improve

Studies after studies have shown that lack of sleep can cause different types of diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, brain and heart diseases. Also, in order to stay awake at school or work, your brain will crave stimulants, like caffeine or nicotine, which can put your life at great risk.

2. Your Mood And View Of Life Will Improve

It’s well known that a person who sleeps is more enjoyable than one who slept for 4 to 5 hours. People who sleep more tend to be more happy and active throughout the day, while those who slept less tend to be moody, cranky, and in need for sleep and coffee for the rest of the day.

3. Sleeping Can Help You Burn Calories

This is probably the best of these reasons to sleep more for those of us who want to get in shape. We all know those people who eat a lot of food and stay fit. But what you don’t know is that besides their fast metabolism, they also sleep more at night.

In some recent studies, it has been shown that people who sleep more have time to do more activities throughout the day – cook or choose the meals they like and also think about their diet and what they should eat or not. A sleepy person is in a constant search for meals who offer a lot of energy, especially the ones with a lot of calories like pizza, fast-food and many others.

4. Sleep Helps You Cure Aches

From backaches to knee or headaches, sleep can help you overcome these problems. It is well known that if you have a headache you either eat something or go to sleep. Also, physical repair takes place in the first part of the night, around eleven to twelve pm.

If you decide to hit the bed at one am or even two am and set the alarm at six or seven in the morning, then your body won’t have enough time to regenerate any of your cells, leaving you in need of stimulants and physically weak, only because you didn’t sleep more.

5. Your Immune System Will Be Improved

Think about it: If you are tired, maybe your whole body is going to be like that, including your immune system. We often combat a common cold by taking some meds, drinking something warm and sleeping a lot. Lack of sleep can undermine your immune system, and increase the probability to get sick. So if you sleep more you’ll forget what it’s like to have a runny nose and the feeling of being always cold.

6. You Are Going To Look Great

We all know that sleeping will make us look great, from here comes the expression: “Beauty sleep”. Plus, when you are rested, you tend to smile more often, to be more indulging with other people, and to be a happier person overall.

7. Your Daily Life Will Improve

Are you nervous about your next day? Well, the first solution would to sleep more, around 8 to 9 hours. In most cases, whether you apply for a job, go on a date with someone, or just have an important day, you should sleep well, lay off the coffee or energy drinks and think positively about everything that is about to happen.

8. Sleep Can Improve Your Brain Function

Among the other reasons to sleep more, this is one that should get your attention. It is well known that if you sleep more, you’ll be able to ace at any test (if you have learned for that test of course). Sleeping less than 7 hours can make you lose your concentration, solving skill, memory, and mood. Plus your reaction time and your performance will be affected as well.

9. Keeping The Temptations At Bay

Did you know that if you sleep more you’ll be able to control your temptations? Well, sleep deprivation can influence your food choices, making you chose food with a lot of calories instead of healthy food. So put aside your phone and TV shows and get more sleep.

10. Injuries Will Occur Less And Less

Being sleepy when going to work or going on a trip can be dangerous. If you think about it, most of the accidents happen when the person was sleepy or was not paying enough attention. It’s more likely to injure yourself or trip on your way to work if you don’t sleep more at night.

These are the most important reasons to sleep more. An average person should sleep from 7 to 9 hours a night. Some people say that sleeping half an hour before midnight counts as one hour after midnight, but I don’t think that some extra sleep would hurt anyone. So tell your loved ones “Good night!”, turn off the TV and put the phone away, and start to sleep more. You’ll notice that in a week or two your day-by-day life will improve a lot.

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