3 Items You Need During Covid-19

There are three basic items every person needs in their home in order to combat Covid-19. While we all know that masks and gloves can be used while outside of the home, not everyone knows how to prevent it at home. By using a thermometer, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant when at home, you can ensure you and your family maintain healthy.


There are several different kinds of thermometers that you can use to take your temperature. However, the most common is a digital thermometer. There are different kinds of digital thermometers, but all will give similar results. The best thermometer you can use during Covid-19 is a touchless thermometer.

These work by pointing it at your forehead and reading the temperature of your body that way. Most traditional digital thermometers are placed in your mouth and use the heat in there to determine a reading. Having a fever is a common symptom in positive Covid-19 cases, so regularly taking your temperature is vital.

Hand Sanitizer

The next thing you should have is hand sanitizer or soap. Use it whenever you are entering your home or prior to eating. This will help to get rid of bacteria and viruses, such as Covid-19. Regular sanitizing is necessary for you to keep the germs away.


Using disinfectant to clean bacteria-ridden areas of your home is a great idea, especially during Covid-19. An item like a dishcloth can contain over 4 billion germs, all with the potential to make you sick. By regularly cleaning or using disinfectants, you can get rid of those bacteria and germs, keeping your home safe.

While life during Covid-19 is different, it is always important to watch for harmful bacteria. Having these three things can help you keep Covid-19 at bay.

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