3 Surfaces You Should Be Cleaning Daily

Dealing with dirt in the age of Coronavirus is no joke. The use of hand sanitizer, disinfection services in Austin, and simple hygiene practices are more important now than perhaps they’ve ever been because the use of effective cleaning practices could mean the difference between a healthy household or business and one adversely affected by COVID-19.

How Does COVID-19 Spread?

While scientists are still studying the specifics of COVID-19, there are a few things we do know when it comes to the way that it tends to spread. Most importantly, person-to-person transmission of the virus seems to happen quickly and easily, possibly due to the following elements of COVID-19, as found by a recent study:

  • The virus can live on surfaces for hours or even days
  • Particles may remain in the air for several hours

Because the virus tends to stick around for a substantial amount of time, it is essential for homeowners and businesses alike to be serious about disinfecting high-touch surfaces daily.

Daily Disinfecting Matters

Simply removing dirt and contaminants from a surface may not be enough to kill the virus. This is why expert cleaning companies like WOW Total Cleaning recommend using careful cleaning practices and professional-grade products that are proven to kill bacteria and viruses. While deep-cleaning your house on a daily basis is enough to overwhelm anyone, there are a few important areas that are natural gathering places for germs. Disinfecting these may help prevent the spread of the virus in your home or business:

Cell Phones, Tablets, or Other Devices

It’s common knowledge that we aren’t too careful about washing our hands before we touch our cell phones. They are our closest companions and are the perfect place for germs to hide. Simply taking time to clean and disinfect your cell phone or other mobile devices on a daily basis can make a huge difference

Commonly Used Bathroom Surfaces

Keeping a virus-free bathroom is a normal challenge in public areas, such as a business. However, during the age of COVID-19, it is essential. Even homeowners can fight the spread of the virus by disinfecting bathroom toilets, sinks, and countertops every day.

Door Knobs, Railings, and Light Switches

Any surface commonly touched by people is one to focus on in your daily disinfecting. Door knobs are on the list of items most-touched in the house, along with railings and light switches. A quick cleaning of these areas will serve to help avoid any unwanted transmission of the virus.

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