Top Traffic Safety Products

Regarding Highway traffic supplies, NSI makes the list of Top Traffic Safety Products. These items include high-visibility jackets and clothing, warning lights, cones, and retractable barrier wall gates. Not only do these products help prevent rolling vehicles, but they also control traffic flow. With these products, you can rest assured that you and other motorists are safe while traveling on the highway. Read on to learn more about these essential traffic safety products and how they can benefit your company or organization.

High-visibility jackets

In addition to providing better visibility, high-visibility jackets can reduce the risk of accidents on construction sites. However, these vests are often very dirty, especially on construction sites. This makes it essential to understand that hi-vis gear only lasts for a limited period. Proper care and exposure to debris and heat can shorten its lifespan. To avoid this problem, you can always replace it as needed.

High-visibility garments come in three different classes. Performance Class 3 garments have the highest amount of reflective materials. They provide greater visibility in complicated backgrounds and throughout the entire range of motion. Class 3 garments have retro-reflective tape on the sleeves and are typically worn by highway workers. Class 2 garments, on the other hand, will not have reflective tape on the arms but will provide adequate visibility.

Intelligent traffic cones

An intelligent traffic cone is an excellent tool for improving traffic safety. Unlike conventional traffic cones, this one has several hidden innovations. Instead of having a single, simple light, it is equipped with a wide range of sensors, a positioning module, and recessed bands for better visibility and acoustics. It also communicates with control centers and other vehicles nearby to send a warning or record any disturbances.

Smart technology has made wireless roadside perimeters a reality. With the introduction of intelligent traffic cones and their communications modules, it has become possible to send out warning messages and alerts. Some of these products are fitted with sensors and communications modules that can send out automated text messages and initiate message signs. They are also an integral part of a trend toward innovative work zones and can enhance safety significantly. For example, the intelligent traffic cone can send a warning message to the system web portal or site supervisor if it senses a violation.

Retractable barrier wall gates

Retractable barrier wall gates are a great option for temporary pedestrian barriers. These barriers are helpful in blocking off restricted areas while keeping pedestrian lines organized. They are easy to install and are space-saving. This type of barrier is a great solution for temporary traffic control at special events and construction sites. You can choose from three different mounting options. In addition, you can choose the type that best fits the area you are blocking off.

Barriers are also available in wall mount versions. Retractable barrier wall gates can be clipped to the desired angle for convenient movement. These barriers are TL-2 and NCHRP 350 compliant. If you are concerned about the safety of your property, these products will help you reduce the risks of accidents. In addition, when used in conjunction with automatic speed and pedestrian barriers, they can help you protect the environment from traffic-related accidents.

Solar signs

Using solar signs as traffic safety products can be beneficial for various reasons. Using flashing signs can improve driver safety by alerting them to the speed limit ahead, while solar directional LED signs are ideal for marking turn lanes or sharp corners. These signs can be used even in low-visibility conditions and are also programmed to flash in different patterns for greater visibility and to reduce wrong-way driving. There are even solar-powered signs on the market for schools and public areas.

Solar LED traffic safety signs also require very little maintenance and are impervious to vandalism and heavy weather. Solar LED traffic safety signs to have an extended life span and will continue to operate without needing to be replaced, which is perfect for communities aiming to conserve energy. Because they are solar-powered, solar LED signs will last for days without acquiring additional energy, which means they can be used even during stormy weather.

Recycled rubber and plastic parking curbs

Parking curbs protect landscaping from being damaged by vehicles. They are made of recycled rubber or plastic or heavy-duty plastic. Rubber parking curbs are better for the environment than concrete and will last for years. Unlike concrete, they will not crack or break when impacted by vehicles. They also resist UV rays. However, if damaged, concrete parking curbs can become quite costly.

A recycling process is an excellent way to reduce the cost of this product. Many companies use recycled rubber and plastic curbs in their parking lots. They are more affordable than their concrete and asphalt alternatives and are entirely recyclable. The best part is that recycled curbs are eco-friendly. Recycled rubber parking curbs are also made from premium recycled rubber. Moreover, they do not fade, warp, or crumble.

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