What You Should Know About Different Firearms

If you have decided to join the millions of people in the US who own firearms, you are probably in the process of researching or have finished your research of state and local gun laws. Now, you need to choose what type of weapon you want to carry. Your firearm type will depend entirely on how you plan to use it. For example, will you participate in competitions, go hunting or protect your home and family? This is information you should know about different types of firearms.

Pistols or Handguns for Personal Protection

Before you start purchasing pistol ammo bulk, you need to know whether you truly need a pistol or if another weapon will better serve your purposes. For example, a handgun is best for self-defense. They are concealed carry weapons of choice because they have short, thick barrels, which allow the weapon to handle the pressure necessary to expel the ammunition, and are easier to carry than other weapons. They are also typically very accurate. You can even shoot with one hand if you need to. These firearms are also valuable in shooting competitions and are commonly used on shooting ranges.

Rifles for Hunting

If you plan to hunt for large animals, such as deer or elk, a rifle should be your firearm of choice. These weapons are great for long-range shooting. The barrel is long and thick, so it has the ability to expel your ammunition into the distance while remaining accurate. Some shooting competitions have rifle portions, so if you plan to participate, you may also need a rifle.

Shotguns for Bird Hunting

The long barrels on shotguns are smoothbore. They don’t have rifling because the smoothbore encourages the ammunition to spin as it leaves the barrel. These weapons also have thinner barrels than handguns, but expelling the ammunition does not take as much pressure in these firearms. Therefore, rifles are great for short-distance shooting, but they lose accuracy over long distances. Shotguns are great tools for bird hunting and skeet shooting.

Now that you know the type of gun you need, visit a reputable dealer who can lead you in the right direction.

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