Handbag Trends For Fall/Winter 2019 – Which Bags Are In This Season

Why accessories are important can be an endless (but enjoyable) discussion. However, two strong conclusions always arise from talking about shoes&bags: they can transform an outfit from basic into a sophisticated one and can become a matter of self-expressive fashion statement. We’re going to cover here the handbag trends of the upcoming fall/winter season.

For some of us, bags are essential details that complete an outfit, others think of bags as practical storage spaces. Of course, there are also the connaisseurs of all trends and designers. But one thing is certain: handbags are part of each woman everyday life. Let’s see below the handbag proposal of the most famous fashion brands in the world.

From new designs to twisted old trends or models, from functional items to odd shapes, the handbags range is rich and appealing. Each can find something to suit their needs, desires, and budget.

1. The Double Bagging

It simply means carrying two bags at once. Usually, there’s one big bag fitted with a smaller one. More compartments, so more space for your things. They are extremely practical, as you can ditch one if you want and have a useful day/night combo. Chanel initiated this trend a few years ago, and other brands took it over and rock it this season.

Karl Lagerfeld last collection for Fendi includes some beautiful double bags that you can check out right here. Both practical and unusual, this is a trend that will probably go on over the next couple of years.

2. Furry Bags

Shearling and faux – fur were omnipresent on the runways in different colors and shapes, cozy and winter perfect.

This classic Chanel bag gets reinvented when covered in a shearling trim, while Fendi’s iconic Baguette looks amazing coated in this luxurious shearling.

3. The Croc/Phyton Handbag Trend

Unicolor, phyton inspired, the croc or snake-effect (real or faux, depending on your beliefs) bags are luxurious and elegant. This red Lanvin bag and the gorgeous Aby tote from Chloe, embellished with the glossy padlock, were two of the Paris Fashion Week favorites.

4.  The Mini Bags

Precious little handbags, these miniatures come in different shapes that fit your palm. Throw a lipstick and a cigarette case and enjoy the lightness of these cute accessories. Perfect for a night out, they go well with dresses but can upgrade a more casual outfit too.

The GG Marmont super mini bag is perfect as a day bag. With its textured version of the Double G, it’s made of matelass√© leather and looks stylish and young.

The Chloe Mini C is perfect for the evening and comes in a wide range of colors to choose from.

5. Unique Shapes Handbags

With this season proposals, describing the shapes of bags becomes quite difficult but also funny. From cubes to rectangles, from curvy baguettes to unusual diamond-shaped bags. Handbag trends become funnier and more eccentric than ever. Think futuristic edges and bold cuts. These handbags are the right choice for the ones who are not afraid to experiment and try new things. Choosing one of these models will definitely be a strong fashion statement.

As a conclusion, handbag trends are noticeably more playful and innovative as spotted on the runways from New York to Paris. Of course, you can always stick to the classic handbag models that will never be out of fashion. But your wardrobe will certainly benefit from a bold new entry.

Choosing a strange shape, a fluffy material, a bold pattern can be both fun and thrilling. Just think of how a dull outfit can suddenly still the spotlight when adding a cutting edge handbag to it.

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