Choosing Clothing For Carrying A Concealed Firearm

Factors to Consider When Choosing Clothing

When making the decision to carry a concealed firearm, it’s important to think beyond the gun itself. You should consider what your daily activity normally looks like. What type of clothing do you typically wear? This is the first point to think about when choosing clothing. The difference between working at your desk in an office environment and physical labor outdoors greatly impacts the most comfortable placement of your gun.

Next, what is your main purpose for carrying a gun? When is it most important for you to carry your concealed firearm? When choosing concealed carry clothing for runners, options include tank tops, shorts, shirts, and leggings. The placement of the holster can vary from ribcage to waist and the side of your leg. It’s important that you consider not only comfort but accessibility. Think about what feels most natural for you when you need to reach for your weapon. You may be on the move, especially if you’re out for a run, and you’ll want to be able to easily access your firearm.

You’ll also want to think about the fabric. If you’re choosing undergarments to holster your concealed firearm, breathability is important. You’ll want to consider the added warmth when adding a layer of clothing that you may not be used to.

Clothing size may also vary. Some concealed clothing wearers find that they need a slightly larger pant size when carrying at the waistband. The same goes for underarm carrying.

Choosing a Reputable Clothing Brand

Choosing to carry a concealed weapon is a big decision and your choice of clothing to conceal should be as well. A reputable clothing brand will offer not only well-fitted, breathable clothing but a guarantee as well. You should spend some time reading reviews about the company as well as their products.

A good conceal carry clothing company will have spent a lot of time and money on research and design and will have the client base and reviews to prove it.

When concealing your firearm, you’ll want to be both physically and mentally comfortable so plan accordingly and choose wisely.

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