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The Hidden Importance Of Siding And Why You Should Care

Whether you’re moving into a new house, decide to renovate your current one, or just feel the need to update a dusty facade, there are some basic things you should know before adventuring in a project on your home that requires a siding contractor.

Why Is Siding Important?

We are gonna leave aside the esthetical point of view for now, but not without mentioning its importance. It’s the first thing someone will notice about a home. Siding is also a great way to put your mark on the family nest or even stand out in a dull neighborhood.

Siding is, first of all, a protective layer between your house and nature which, we all know, can sometimes be harsh and unpredictable. It plays a key role in protecting your house against all sorts of invaders and it also helps the building pass the test of time, making it more resistant and safe.

What Siding Does Exactly

  1. It acts as a barrier against nature’s whims such as strong winds and extreme temperatures;
  2. Keeps the moisture away, so you will avoid serious problems caused by trapped moisture (mold, rotting);
  3. Siding protects your home from termite and other bugs invasion;
  4. It helps you save money on your energy bills by minimizing air losses/air infiltrations, especially when choosing an energy-efficient siding material. It can even go up to 20% energy savings if the proper siding is chosen and if the right contractor installs it.

When Do You Need It

Obviously, each newly built house needs a siding, but what are the signs pointing out the fact that your current one needs replacing?

  1. Damaged panels/boards;
  2. Moisture/water damages;
  3. Cracks/peelings;
  4. Unusually high energy bills.

Any of these signs relate to some kind of siding damage so calling out a siding contractor to do a professional evaluation is a must. You can avoid further damage by taking care of this issue as soon as you spot it.

Choosing The Right Siding

Well, your siding contractor will conduct a scrupulous evaluation and will come up with the best solution. Your contractor will, most likely, advise you to choose siding insulation as well, as they go hand in hand with lowering the energy bill. In general, there are some factors that lead to the best siding solution. Not surprisingly at all, climate plays a key role when picking the siding.

The vinyl siding seems to be a great choice, as vinyl is resistant, economical, and looks wonderful. But, as Michigan winters can easily become frosty and summer can be canicular, if you live in Ann Arbor, for example, you need to take into consideration that vinyl can crack and/or break. Siding contractors in Ann Arbor MI have a solution to temperature variations: the James Hardy siding, developed especially to cover the needs of Michigan homes.

Choosing The Right Contractor

Remember, this is a job that requires a specialist like Paramount siding services, so take your time and gather all the info before hiring someone. Your siding contractor must:

  • know all weather typicalities from your area;
  • be licensed and insured in the Ann Arbor area (so it can be held liable if something goes wrong);
  • work with siding brands/products that are certified and have a warranty certificate.

Siding – Your House Skin

It really is. And it speaks only true things about your home. Consider it as a mirror of the interior: if the siding is damaged or old, the inside of your house will start deteriorating quite quickly. And this will hurt your family’s comfort and will also damage your budget. Let’s just not get into planning a home sale without a new/reconditioned siding: it will not work as expected.

It’s easy to be ahead of all siding-related problems if you pay attention to your house. With each season ending, take your time and do proper checking of the exterior. Spot anything that seems unusual (outside and inside your house) and call a siding contractor for a proper evaluation. You will thank us later!

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