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4 Tips For Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Understanding ways to help you get your security deposit back is one of the key parts of being a successful renter. There are many steps you can take while still under lease to help keep your apartment in excellent shape. If you want to ensure that you can get as much of your security deposit back as possible, consider implementing some of the tips listed below.

Be Proactive About Damage

Take a proactive approach to protect your apartment from damage. Get furniture feet protectors for any chairs that are positioned over hard surfaces such as wood or tile. Look into installing corner guards for your walls. When placing furniture that is susceptible to shifting close to walls, consider placing protective buffers between your furniture and the walls to avoid the unnecessary damage during everyday activities.

Document Everything

When you first go to move into your new apartment, take the extra time to document everything you can. Obtain pictures of the way the apartment appears before you get the keys. Do a formal walkthrough with the property manager and document any noted damage on any paperwork that is provided alongside pictures you obtain yourself. Upon moving out, make sure you do a final walkthrough yourself and take pictures of the apartment’s condition before handing over the keys. If possible, do a final walkthrough with the property manager before departure.

Keep Up With Cleaning

Make cleaning a normal part of your everyday routine. In addition to short tidying sprees, dedicate at least one day a month to a deep clean. By keeping up with cleaning, you can avoid being faced with a huge cleanup job when moving out.

Use Maintenance for Repairs

Avoid tackling big repairs yourself. Contact apartment maintenance so that issues can be addressed in accordance with their policies.

By using the tips above, you can keep your apartment in excellent shape and greatly increase your chances of receiving your security deposit upon moving out.

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