Business Class Seats – This Is Why They Are So Important

Business and pleasure go well together. Signed, the business class seats.

Vacation. You can already feel the breeze blowing down your freshly tanned skin. The water of the ocean cooling you down, the waves crashing, making their own special music. Splendid aquamarine view with crystal clear waters – surreal. Or maybe you dream to visit the biggest, most beautiful cities you’ve always heard about. All that rush, the buzz of endless, fun nights. Better yet, maybe you plan a journey around the world just like in Jules Verne’s famous novel. Luckily, unlike the main character, Phileas Fogg, you have a better mean of travel: the airplane.

Although the plane is by far the fastest, most efficient way of transportation, depending on where you fly, your journey can take up to 15-20 hours. Sounds absolutely tiring. For an adult, especially the taller ones, the legroom is never enough. Also, being squeezed into a window seat can be a nightmare, providing restricted access to the aisle and of course, the toilet. Privacy is something that you can forget while flying long hours, there will always probably be someone in your personal space.

Business Class Seats – The Optimal Choice For Starting Your Vacation

For every problem, there is a solution. In this case, the ideal one is choosing business class. Why? Because of the seats. Many airlines that fly intercontinental have upgraded to more comfy business class seats to make your vacation perfect from A to Z. It’s important to feel good when traveling, so airlines like American Airlines, Finnair and Cathay Pacific adopted the Zodiac Cirrus III business class seat.

On the Boeing 777-300 from American Airlines, the seating layout is reverse herringbone in 1-2-1 configuration, giving you aisle access from every seat. Also, these business class seats are good for sleeping, having a 200 cm bed length, so you can easily rest. alwaysflybusiness.com tells us that Cathay Pacific uses reverse herringbone business class seats throughout their long-haul fleet. Finnair uses Zodiac business class seats on their A330, but the Cirrus III model on the A350 is newer.

QSuite – Your Private Suite Onboard

Business class seats offer plenty of advantages, like for example privacy. The winner in this category is the QSuite from Qatar Airways. It is found on all Airbus A350-1000s and on some of the A350-900s and it was released in March 2017. This unique business class seat offers an elegant, private travel experience. It has a sliding door and of course, many features that upgrade constantly. These business class seats are a big plus to the excellent Qatar Airways onboard service.

Of course, Zodiac Concept D business class seat can also be awarded as a privacy provider. It can be found on the American Airlines Boeing 777-200s and on all Boeing 787-8s in a 1-2-1 arrangement.

The Diamond Edition

Another type of business class seat is B/E Aerospace Diamond Parallel, used by both American Airlines and Royal Jordanian. On the upside, this seat is good for sleeping or just lounging and watching TV. On the other hand, the arrangement, 2-2 or 2-2-2 fully flat, limit the aisle access, unlike the reverse herringbone with 1-2-1 configuration. Delta, United or Qatar also use this B/E Aerospace Diamond Parallel business class seat on some of their aircraft. All in all, this business class seat is very good, especially if you travel transcontinental.

Besides all the mentioned advantages, the best business class seats have a good entertainment system. You can watch your favorite movies, shows, or just look at the view outside the plane. This feature is met on the economy class too, but business class seats offer a bigger screen and higher quality sound provided by the headphones.

Also, you have more access to assistance, due to the smaller number of seats than in economy. As an extra advantage, some companies, like Qatar, offer an amazing onboard lounge, making your journey feel easier. In conclusion, business class seats are not only to spoil yourself but to make your vacation entirely unforgettable.


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