4 Signs Your Parents Are Ready For Assisted Living

Assisted living communities encourage seniors to remain as independent as possible while providing around-the-clock supervision and assistance by trained staff. But how do you know when it’s the right time to make the move for your parents?

Sign 1: Your Loved One Is No Longer Safe at Home

Moving your loved one to an assisted living community is a tough decision, but some seniors will require more help than you can provide on your own. If your loved one is in danger of hurting themselves or others due to physical decline or dementia, it’s time for them to make the move.

Sign 2: Your Loved One Has Difficulty Navigating the House

If mom or dad is having issues with their ability to walk, climb stairs, or simply maneuver around the house, they may need help. An assisted living community like Florida assisted living will offer specially designed floor plans to provide seniors with easy access to all common areas of the home.

Sign 3: Your Loved One Feels Isolated

Many seniors want to age in place and remain at home as long as possible. If your loved one is feeling isolated by a lack of social contact, it might be time for them to move. Assisted living communities are designed with private apartments so residents can have plenty of time for rest, but also meet others in the community when they want to.

Sign 4: You’re Feeling Overloaded or Stressed

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed from caring for your loved one? If so, it’s time to make the move. Assisted living communities offer a safe and supportive environment where seniors can enjoy the company of their peers while still receiving around-the-clock care, and it’ll take the load off your shoulders.

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