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Bathroom Remodeling – Quick Guide For A Successful Flip

Each successful bathroom remodeling should start with a plan. It’s completely alright to get carried away and set free your inner artist when doing a remodeling, but only in the decorating phase. As remodeling implies many important aspects and steps! So take a look at this quick guide, follow some logical steps and we guarantee that your bathroom will become a beautiful and relaxing oasis.

Step 1 – The Plumbing and Sanitary Facilities

Before initiating any remodeling you need to evaluate all pipes and facilities. Because what’s the point of doing a makeover while there’s even a slight risk of flooding. If you are skilled and have plumbing knowledge, you can do it yourself. If not, there are specialized enterprises that can help you.

Here’s a list of what needs to be checked:

  • Drains (sink, shower, tub);
  • Faucets: check to see if there are any leaks and replace old cartridges;
  • Caulk seals: use fresh caulk to seal any potential gaps;
  • Toilet: check the wax ring at its base;
  • Walls: see if there’s any sign of a leak from a pipe that’s inside the wall.

Step 2 – The Budget

Once you’re over the plumbing evaluation, you may now calculate how this bathroom remodeling will kick your budget. Check out the specialized stores and some local businesses that can actually do the remodeling. The Bathroom Restoration in Grosse Ile, Michigan is one of them, for example. A basic bathroom remodeling budget is based on:

  • plumbing fixing & replacement of sanitary facilities (if necessary);
  • wall&floor tiles;
  • wall painting/wallpaper;
  • bathroom furniture;
  • decoration items;
  • manpower.

Step 3 – Choosing the Materials/Colours

Well, this step is really about each one’s taste. Nowadays, you can put into practice every fabulous/complicated idea you may have. The variety of bathroom remodeling items that stores offer is really impressive and can satisfy even the most eccentric taste. But there are a couple of things you need to take under consideration before spending your money:

  1. Measurements: make sure you got your bathroom measurements right so you can avoid buying things that won’t fit or will overcrowd the space.
  2. Style: there’s plenty of designs to choose from (either we’re talking about a classic, modern, folksy bathroom). But one of the things that all interior designers agree on is that your bathroom needs to match the other rooms of your home. This rule applies to style/color/lighting. And its a really great rule, as it will offer your house a pleasant continuity, a flowing feeling.

Step 4 –  Bathroom Design

With all measurements done, it’s about time you think of the actual design for your chosen bathroom style.

First, think of the bathroom as a multiuse space with multiple functions. Each sanitary item must be placed to make the most of this space (usually smaller than we wish).

But the bathroom is also a retreat and intimate space so besides being functional it will be great if it could be aesthetically attractive. If you don’t want or have the budget to hire an interior designer, learn some basic things about the color matching palette and mixing/matching materials. There are lots of info on the internet as well as plenty of interior design websites from where you can gather ideas and inspiration.

Step 5 – Be Practical

Of course, we all want that gorgeous baroque-inspired bathroom or the minimalistic black and white one. They look chic and spotless. Indeed, but the reality is that you are actually going to use this bathroom, so the remodeling needs to take under the consideration the practical side as well.

So choose materials that are easy to clean and mold-resistant. This way, some precious time can be saved. Try avoiding: very small tiles, framed shower screens, plastic cisterns. They get moldy pretty quick and collect grime. Instead, go for back to wall toilets, walk-in shower panels and larger tiles with straight edges.

Also, the secret to a clean and hygienic bathroom is a good ventilation system. Ventilation extracts the moisture and that’s what we want in a bathroom. As moisture can cause so many troubles, choose an exhaust system according to the bathroom size or always keep a window half-open. Prevention is the key here.

Also, make sure you are using the right cleaning products. Avoid harsh chemicals or strong substances that can damage the countertops and bathroom furniture. Because you want to enjoy your new bathroom for a long time. Until the next remodeling!

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