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Create Your Very Own Designer Kitchen With These Tips

The kitchen is considered to be the social hub of the house. That’s because for most of us it’s the place where we have our meals as a family and the place where a lot of us socialize. So why not make your kitchen look spectacular? Why not make it look as if it were designed by a specialist? Luckily you can do that, without breaking the bank or hiring a specialist. Learn how to create your very own designer kitchen by reading this article.

There are a lot of ways to achieve a designer’s kitchen without a designer! In order to help inspire you to transform your kitchen, we’ve prepared some ideas for you below. Check them out!

Create Your Very Own Designer Kitchen Using These Simple Tips

Consider using shades of green for a natural, earthy kitchen:

This season, green is making a comeback. It is a very popular color, especially emerald green. While a little unorthodox for a kitchen, don’t be afraid to be bold. It can truly breathe some life into your kitchen.

For example, you can create a breakfast bar with tall stools. Then, paint them all emerald green! In order to bring balance to it, add an off-white marble countertop. Voila! You’re done! If you want to take things to the next level, you can add elements that give your kitchen an oriental vibe. You can achieve that by adding Moroccan clay tiles for the backsplash.

Why hide your storage space when you can show it off?

Generally, in-sight storage is something most people either hate or love. Regardless, in-sight storage is quite trendy, if you do it right. Yes, you can still have a designer kitchen even with in-sight storage!

Basically, what you could do is use copper pipes. Copper is really popular. So why not use it to create shelving for your pots and mugs? This way you will manage to keep your counters clutter-free and create the illusion of extra space. Not to mention you will give your kitchen an industrial vibe, which looks amazing!

TIP: In order to bring balance to your kitchen from a visual standpoint, consider using baby blue cabinets or off-white walls. They work very well with copper pipers.

Sometimes, when it comes to the kitchen, less is more:

Fans of minimalism will love this one! It’s no secret that some people prefer a more minimalist approach when it comes to their kitchens. Since the kitchen is the place where cooking takes place, having a minimalist kitchen will help a lot in keeping the room clutter-free.

So, if minimalism is what you’re after, then do it right. Consider using a light color palette. This way you will keep things bright and welcoming. Another important thing to keep in mind is storage. The less stuff you have on your countertops, the better! So make sure you think things through and incorporate as much as you can inside your cabinets.

Hide your kitchen:

If you want to take things a step further, then you can make your kitchen disappear. This is a rather extreme approach, but one that certain interior designers have managed to make work. Basically, you make your kitchen disappear, without making it disappear for real.

Basically, what you do is make sure almost everything is hidden in such a way that it will feel like the entire kitchen has disappeared. In order to make the cabinets and countertops disappear, you will have to replace them with huge floor to ceiling cabinets that look like a wall unless you’re paying careful attention. However, we do advise that you keep one element visible: the kitchen island/breakfast bar. There should be at least one element to remind you that you are in a kitchen.

Indeed, beauty is something that attracts us. Not only that, but it also makes us feel better, safe, relaxed. And a strong roof over your head and that beautiful, new kitchen is also important. Just check roofing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for instance, and contact these specialists to give your roof an upgrade as well. So it’s no secret we want to live in beautiful homes and live among attractive people. Unfortunately, creating a house that lifts our spirit, boosts our mood and helps us feel more balanced and relaxed is no easy task.

Most people with money on their hands would hire a designer,. However, if you don’t want to break the bank, you can learn how to create your very own designer kitchen using the tips above. Hopefully, they will be enough to take your kitchen to the next level!

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