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Increase Your Home Value: Improve Your Curb Appeal

No matter where you live or what house you live in, everybody wants their house to look good. We want our house to make an impression. Increasing your home’s curb appeal, however, takes a lot more than mowing the lawn or painting the fence. It oftentimes means getting a new roof and considering windows replacement for home.

Of course, you don’t have to re-imagine your entire house in order to increase its value. You can also create a considerable improvement without breaking the bank. So, if you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, here are 7 ways to do it!

Increase Your Home Value: Improve Your Curb Appeal

1. Add A Covered Entrance

Covered entrances, when done right, can really make an impression. It gives your house a safer feel and grandeur vibe. Who doesn’t want that?

A covered entrance, namely a cover overhead the front door, is really useful as well. Contractors specializing in roofing in Taylor, MI will help you with this. Such an entrance can shield not only you as you unlock the front door during a rainy day, but it also protects your door from bad weather (snow, rain, hail). Its benefits don’t stop there. During the wintertime, you can decorate it with lights and during the rest of the year, you can hang a lantern or a plant. This can really boost your curb appeal!

A small portico topped with a pediment tends to work really well with colonial-style houses. It frames the front door, giving a lot of definition to the house. If you live in a cottage, then consider covering your porch.

2. Windows Replacement For Home

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, the same can be said about the house’s windows. The windows are the eyes of the house. This is why having good windows is such a plus. Not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from a technical one. Good windows help insulate the house from the outside, thus helping you conserve energy.

If you live in Michigan, consider windows renewal by Andersen in Ann Arbor. It’s a serious, licensed company that you can trust.

3. Improve Your Curb Appeal By Hanging A Lantern

If a covered entrance is not possible, then simply hang a lantern. By doing this you can easily bring depth to an otherwise flat facade. Provided you use the right light fixture, you can add a lot of definition to your front door.

Traditional gas lanterns look great for a lot of houses. Of course, we recommend you opt for the electric version. Depending on your type of house, there are certain options that would be great choices. For example, a nautical-style lantern would work really well on a cottage or Cape Cod-style house. Traditional or modern farmhouses go well with traditional lanterns. But traditional lanterns also work well with colonial or other traditional-style houses.

4. Getting A New Front Door

Doors hold a lot of power. Both literally and metaphorically. Changing the actual door can really change the way your house looks. Opting for a different style door can have a huge impact on your curb appeal.

Doors that incorporate panes of glass are really popular. That’s because glass can lighten a facade. It’s not opaque like wood or plastic, but it’s also not necessarily completely transparent.

Take your time and search for the right door. A door that matches the architectural style of your home, but also compliments it. Look for a door that has a little more detail. Also, make sure it lets in more light than your current door.

5. A New Paint

Perhaps the cheapest and most visible change you can make to your house in order to increase its curb appeal is paint. Painting your house a new color, or at least refreshing the existing one, can really improve its appearance.

Paint degrades over time. This happens a lot faster in places with high humidity and rain, but sunny and dry places can also wreak havoc on it. Persistent sunlight exposure can make the paint lose its color and become dull. By adding a fresh coat of paint you can really refresh your house and make it look almost brand-new!

6. Flower Power

It’s more than important to give your yard some attention as well. Curb appeal isn’t entirely about the house. It’s a package deal. It’s about the house, but also the property. This is exactly why a nice, mowed lawn, with some decoration, can increase the value of your home.

If your house doesn’t really have a lawn, plant one. Also, while you’re at it, clean your front yard and plant some green shrubs or a tree. Consider landscape lighting for a beautiful effect at night.

7. The Driveway

Due to weather and the usual wear and tear, driveways can end up looking quite bad. So, unless your driveway is in good shape, consider redoing it. A bad driveway can drag down your home’s curb appeal.

If it’s in good shape, consider plating some shrubs along the way to really show it. If your driveway looks bad, just redo it. Brick, masonry or even painted concrete are all great options.

All things considered, increasing your home’s curb appeal isn’t that hard. With a few updates here and there you can do a great job without breaking the bank. Hopefully, our 7 tips will help you increase the curb appeal of your home!

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