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Between Kitchen Renovation And Decoration

Even if the painting occurs in the last days of work on a kitchen renovation project, it is nonetheless very important. Indeed, the choice of painting, even more than the decoration to be followed, will give sparkle to a room. Conversely, dull colors will darken the whole and give a gloomy atmosphere.

In the case of a kitchen makeover, it is sometimes interesting to completely change the colors of the walls, give them a boost.

Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

Water, steam, cooking: kitchen tends to be the first place that loses its beauty. Struggling, the kitchen undergoes outrages culinary preparations, multiple passages.

The kitchen is one of the most “visited” places in a home. Morning, noon and night, you find yourself in this lighted place, for a few moments, for a few hours. It is also a room that contains many objects: from the fridge to the oven and utensils. Thus, it is important to have a suitable framework to accommodate all these elements.

You may also want to refresh furniture installed during a kitchen makeover and which are now obsolete (lack of space, damaged furniture). For all these reasons, painting renovation can take place.

How To Renovate Kitchen Walls

Start by looking if the wall has no traces of mold. This can be the cause of moisture traces. Waterproof paint will fill the problems of light infiltration. A kitchen renovation is first about utility, only when this is taken care of, should you move on to design aspects.

If the traces of water are more important, it is important to review the insulation and postpone the passage of paint layers for later. In any case, be sure to get a drywall for the application of a classic painting. If you want to make your work easier, check for paint sprayers reviews at

Make sure your wall is flat, there should be no blisters, holes or cracks in the walls. For this, you will need to sand the walls to make them look flat.

The Choice Of Theme Is Important

Finally, choose the colors adapted to the kitchen theme you want to create. Colors can bring out lights and furniture, create spaces of intimacy or conviviality. Know that paintings can change relatively often, everything is not fixed indefinitely.

However, the renovation of walls, as any renovation work, is an investment, in case of doubt or lack of knowledge, do not hesitate to seek the help of a professional for advice and/or implementation.

How To Renovate Your Kitchen?

In a short time, with some modifications, your kitchen will find its brightness. Renovating your kitchen requires a variety of changes, including:

  • Replacement of the work plan (check the possibilities offered by the room)
  • Choosing the paintings to give an identity to the kitchen (warm and bright colors)
  • Renew kitchen furniture (matching the colors of the walls) or simply replace the facades (lower cost)
  • Change the door handles (a little fancy for these often outdated items)

A kitchen renovation is possible cheaply, with imagination and inventiveness. Forms, color, a little common sense and time are enough to transform a functional place into a living room.

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