Benefits Of Music Education: Why It’s Important

Oftentimes, in schools, budget cuts need to be made. Unfortunately, more often than not, those responsible for the cuts choose music. The music and art departments tend to be the ones affected by this practice throughout the country. Those tasked with these decisions seem oblivious to the benefits of music education. Otherwise, they would think twice before cutting the budget. Here’s why music education is so important!

Benefits Of Music Education: Learn Why It Matters

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing a wind or string instrument demands high levels of hand-eye coordination. Students must learn to hold their instruments correctly, then memorize and successfully execute the different bow or finger positions that create each note. At the same time, they learn to read the notes and dynamic markings that make up a piece of music.

This is a very complex thing. It requires a lot of focus, distributive-attention, hand dexterity, and of course, hand-eye coordination. However, the brain workout does not stop there. Learning to play an instrument is also akin to learning a new language. A wordless language that translates as music.

This is exactly why music education is so important. It not only provides the brain with an intense workout but it also rewires it. Similar to meditation, the music and art department can help teenagers manage and control their anxiety and thoughts.

Strong Sense of Discipline

In order to get better at playing an instrument, it is necessary to practice regularly. As students develop their skills on their chosen instruments, they will learn what happens when they practice and when they do not. Those who are motivated and invested in their progress will choose to put in the hard work of practicing, even when watching a TV show or playing a game seems more fun at the moment. This sense of discipline will serve them well as they enter the workforce.

In many ways, it’s similar to learning how to navigate the adult world, without adult responsibilities. The kids learn how to discipline themselves in order to succeed. This is a great skill that will serve them throughout their lives. A great way to prepare the kids for the coming years of adulthood!

High Self-Esteem

Mastering a piece of music or learning a new skill on an instrument is a meaningful achievement. As students enter their notoriously turbulent preteen and teenage years, those with band or orchestra experience Rockford IL will have established meaningful identities as musicians. Their confidence in their abilities and self-worth will make them less vulnerable to the harmful effects of peer pressure.

Music has an important place in the education of every elementary school, middle school, and high school student. The mission of the school should not be to train students for a future job; instead, it should be to shape them into educated, well-rounded and empathetic adults.

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