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Useful Tips For Caring For A Log Cabin Exterior

Building a log cabin presents a beautiful and natural exterior choice for a home. The wood provides an automatic warmth and will blend with rustic surroundings. However, because of the wood, there are some additional surface preparations and maintenance activities that will be needed. Vinyl siding on a home comes pre-colored and requires little maintenance besides an occasional cleaning. The benefits of a log cabin are excellent, but these steps will need to be taken to fully protect your investment.

As is the case with many other house maintenance projects or tasks, it is highly recommended that you start with your roof. Make sure it is in the best possible condition before moving on to other areas. Professional contractors for roof repair in Canton Michigan will give you an idea of what needs to be done, in order to have a strong roof that will protect your cabin for years to come.

Stain Or Varnish

The raw logs used to build a cabin are subject to deterioration if they are left in their natural state for too long. Water and sunlight are natural enemies of wood. To guard against this you will need to add a stain to the entire exterior of the home. This will defend against water damage and also keep the finish looking uniform. This will also provide a lasting visual appeal.

Seal And Caulk

The natural look of a wood cabin can be stunning but it also presents some irregularities in the construction. Not all boards are perfectly straight and do not fit together perfectly. Therefore there will be gaps in the exterior when completed. For proper protection, these areas needed to be sealed with a special log cabin caulk that is meant to expand and contract with the wood. This will keep the elements out and the interior comfortable.

Remove Old Coating

After several years of facing the environment, the exterior coating may fade or break down. Putting another coat directly on top of an already poor finish is not wise. You will first need to strip the stain off. The best way to accomplish this is by cob blasting in Tustin, MI. This is a dry process and will not harm the wood or cause water intrusion.

As a log cabin owner maintenance should be a priority for you. Keeping that in mind will help to provide a gorgeous exterior for years to come.


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