Environmentally Sustainable Wines From Chile

Central Valley, Chile is well-known for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère. Both are well-respected and often listed in great wine lists from Wine Enthusiasts and Wine Spectator. The Chilean wine industry dates back to the Spanish Conquest during 1800s. The Spaniards brought grape seeds along with Christianity and imperialism.

Wines of Chile Sustainability Code

In the past decade, more than 80 percent of Chilean wine makers have embraced by the Wines of Chile Sustainability Code. The Chilean certification is accessible to vineyards of all sizes and includes requirements for farming practices, employee responsibilities, bottling and packaging, and socially responsible practices.

The Sustainability Code has not hindered the quality of the wine produced by Chilean vineyards. In fact, some of the wines are rated highly by influential wine magazines and tasters. Use a wine promo code to save on the wines ahead or other wine you may like.

History of Wine Making in Chile

The vines adapted well to the Chilean landscape and over time, wine growers cultivated new varieties that produced deep and complex red wines. Other vineyards in the cooler areas of Chile developed crisp, refreshing whites.

According to Wine Travel Chile, one interesting fact is that Chile is the only country that evaded the phylloxera that destroyed millions of European vines in the late 19th century. Today, Chile builds on this ecological success by leading the wine world in the production of sustainable, ethically produced wines.

Emiliana Valle de Colchagua Los Robles Estate Gê 2018

JS Wine Ratings ranked Emiliana Valle de Colchagua Los Robles Estate Gê 2018 as the best wine from Chile available in 2021. The Rhone-inspired wine is a “blend of syrah with carmenere and cabernet sauvignon”. JS Wine Ratings says it has multiple layers of black fruit with peppery and meaty notes. Combined with a velvety texture and prolonged finish, the Emiliana Gê is made from Shiraz/Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carménère grapes grown in the Central Valley region.

Emiliana Gê retailed around $55 a bottle in 2021. (It is likely to be more expensive in 2022 due to inflation). The Emiliana Gê has an alcohol content of 14.6 percent.

Casas del Toqui 2018 Gran Toqui Cabernet Sauvignon

Michael Schachner named Casas del Toqui 2018 Gran Toqui Cabernet Sauvignon as an editor’s choice in Wine Enthusiast. He described the wine as full and smooth with a “ripe, lusty black cherry, dark plum and oaky chocolate flavors finish” and “a dash of Chile’s patented herbal spice”. describes the 2018 Casas del Toqui as a balanced and firm wine with a good body and complex nose of blueberry, spices, vanilla bean, and tobacco.

Wine and Spirits ranked Casas del Toqui 2018 as a best buy of 2019 and it is still reasonable at $35-$40 a bottle. This wine has an alcohol content 14 percent. The Casas del Toqui sources grapes from all over Chile.

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