How Do I Make My Wedding Look Elegant Without Breaking The Bank?

One of the most difficult decisions to make is what to decorate. You can use a combination of white and metallic accents to create an elegant look, but this will leave you with a low budget. You can also make your own decor from household items. Consider painting household items white and using them to decorate your tables. Even your waiters can wear white gloves to make your wedding feel more formal. Online stores offer many affordable decorations, and some even deliver them to your venue. Head on over to to learn more about elegant wedding ideas on a budget.

Candle lanterns

If you are on a budget, candle lanterns are the perfect solution for your special event. These elegant adornments are made of premium wrought iron and have a rust-resistant powder coating. They are also durable and lightweight. Moreover, they come with four windows that let light flicker through while protecting the flame from drafts. They have a diameter of 4.1 inches and are 5.5 inches in height.

If you’re on a tight budget, candle lanterns can add an elegant touch to your wedding ceremony. You can hang them on shepherd hooks to accentuate the aisle or set them on the ground next to the aisle chairs. Depending on the style of your ceremony, you can decorate them with flowers or petals. To add extra flair, you can place eucalyptus greenery on the handle of each lantern.

DIY centerpieces

Flowers are beautiful and inexpensive, and DIY wedding centerpieces can add elegance and sophistication without breaking the budget. Use the top-selling white rose, the Akito White Bulk Rose, as your centerpiece. Its abundant petals and dazzling star shape make it a classic choice. Other inexpensive flowers for wedding centerpieces include succulents and hydrangeas. Consider using these simple ideas to save money and make your wedding look elegant without breaking the bank.

To make the project easier, purchase pre-cut lanterns or use a Cricut. Cutouts of table numbers and the couple’s initials can be added to the lanterns for a more personal touch. You can also use LED lights to illuminate the lanterns, which do not break the bank. Another inexpensive centerpiece idea is to use recycled wine bottles. Often, these can be found on the internet or through a bride’s social media page.

DIY decor

If you’re not into spending a ton of money on your decorations, consider DIY wedding decor. Tissue paper flowers are a popular DIY wedding decor project. These paper flowers are easy to make. You simply accordion fold the paper, staple the center, and unfold the petals until you have the desired number of petals. Place them on a table for a romantic centerpiece or use them to line a wall of beauty. Foam craft roses also make an excellent wedding decor idea. Use them to accent DIY signs or as a focal point for any area.

For a low-cost option, consider using balloons as decorations. Balloons represent celebration, so they are a fun and easy DIY wedding decor project. A great way to save money on balloon decorations is to buy a kit with step-by-step instructions. Another DIY wedding decor project is to frame a photo of the couple. This can be a personal decoration for the couple or venue decoration.


If you’re looking for affordable decorations, then consider balloons. A simple garland of balloons can be strung over your reception entrance or dessert table. For a fun photo op, you can attach balloons to convertibles. They’ll serve as an elegant backdrop for photos, and they’ll be cheap to purchase from any Dollar Store. 

Buying flowers in bulk can cut your costs. Instead of big bouquets, you can opt for a few small bouquets. You can also use old picture frames for signage and centerpieces. And if you’re not into floral arrangements, you can always turn to your backyard for decorations. You can also use a tree in your landscape for a unique centerpiece. But be sure to check with your venue if they allow open flames before buying flowers.

DIY apothecary

When you are planning a high-end rustic wedding, an apothecary centerpiece will be an ideal choice for the centerpiece. You can use vintage bottles in darker hues to pair with the dry flowers. They also look great when paired with dry flower arrangements. They are a unique and economical option for weddings that are rustic, neutral, outdoor, or quirky.

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