Hydraulic Pumps Maintenance – Tips And Rules to Keep Your Equipment In Good Shape

Hydraulic pumps are essential pieces of equipment found in the most common industries. They are used to transfer high-pressure fluids used in different industrial processes. Improper maintenance may lead to numerous issues, including safety hazards. Below are tips and rules to follow when maintaining your equipment.

Invest In Proper Preventive Maintenance

The better you maintain your Thompson pump before breakdowns happen, the less likely it will break down. Assemble a checklist of tasks based on expected frequency to help with this goal. Ensure that all stickers are legible before leaving for work in the morning.

Avoid Hot-Swapping Parts

Hot swapping is changing or repairing components in a unit while still on and running. This may be convenient for operators. However, it can cause severe damage to your system and costly repairs. Instead, shut off the system and clean out any debris from the area needing maintenance. Afterward, you can then perform the repair or swap out parts.

Clean Everything

Start by removing any obstructions. It would help clean these areas to avoid air leaks caused by buildup around hoses, valves, and fittings that slow down pumping speeds. Ensure you flush the lines with a solvent or degreaser. Follow up with high-pressure water to ensure that it is all removed.

Use the Right Parts

It is essential to use the correct hydraulic pump parts when performing maintenance. Using faulty parts can lead to pumping problems later when they fail. Use only original factory parts from the manufacturer when purchasing new components.

Many companies ignore their hydraulic pump maintenance for a variety of reasons. However, it is essential to keep pumping equipment operating smoothly. Proper care helps to avoid costly and time-consuming system repairs down the road. Above are simple steps that can be taken to prevent expensive repairs with your hydraulic pump’s operations. Follow them to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime for your hydraulic equipment systems.

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