Jade Rollers – An Ancient Skincare Secret For Modern Beauty

There’s no better way to practice self-love than to take good care of yourself. And good skin care is part of that. Seems pretty simple, but with everything that keeps us busy, sometimes we forget about our needs. There are a lot of different ways to take care of your body and soul, you just have to find the right one that works for you. just check out and you’ll see what we mean. Something that makes you smile and glow and leaves everyone wonder what your secret to happiness is. Once you’ve discovered the benefits of using facial rollers, you’ll understand why it was used in imperial China.

A Beauty Tool Fit For An Empress

The facial rollers are usually made from precious stones like jade or quartz. Empress Dowager Cixi of China has supposedly used this tool because of her love for jade. According to history, the roller has been a beauty secret since the 7th century among Southeast Asian women and a popular daily routine in creating glowing skin. The rollers are said to have been invented during the Qing Dynasty. The Palace Museum’s collection holds an elegant jade roller set with gold accents. The rumors have it that it belonged to the Empress herself.

You can use this little, handheld tool to massage your face and neck area. Very easy to use, it helps with lymphatic drainage and depuffing of the skin. It’s like having your own beauty spa in the comfort of your home. Just run the jade rollers smoothly up and down your face and you’ll instantly feel how your muscles relax, making you look radiating and very well-rested.

Treating yourself with a facial as a routine will help the blood flow and even your skin tone. The benefits don’t stop there. Jade purifies and heals the energetic field of a person. This beauty wand works on both levels – physical and spiritual. Lay down, relax, apply your favorite oil or cream and help yourself to a unique experience. A happy soul in a healthy body.

Perfect For The Modern Woman

Women nowadays are very busy creating their own empires. This is never easy, so they often experience a lot of emotions. Naturally, the face reacts to those feelings by frowning, smiling or squinting. Most probably all of these facial expressions will lead to wrinkles around the eyes and lips area or on the forehead.

Of course, there are also external factors like the pollution that can damage the skin by clogging up the pores. Unfortunately, the busy calendar of modern women doesn’t allow her the time for going to the salon as much as she needs. Luckily, the jade roller is so little and practical, it can fit everywhere and is portable. Very easy to use, every woman can replace going to the salon for a facial with this beauty wand.

Jade is a naturally cool stone, that people call the “stone of heaven”. Because of its natural cool effect, the face can depuff more quickly and effortlessly, making the skin tighter and therefore look ageless. Here are some tips on how to obtain the perfect result:

  • Although it’s naturally cool, keep it in the refrigerator, for maximum effect
  • Clean your face with your preferred products. After that, your face should be dry.
  • Pour some oil drops on the roller or apply a cream or oil on your face
  • Move the larger roller starting from the middle of your forehead in left and right motion.
  • Continue your move with the facial rollers to your eyes, nose, and chin
  • For your eyes, use the smaller roller in a circular motion, applying soft pressure.
  • Increase the pressure as you roll to the sides of your face.

This whole process helps to make your blood flow more easily and it reduces toxins. It’s all so simple and easy, it’s almost unbelievable how quickly you can benefit from it. It’s a must-have for every woman out there. It comes in a storage box, so no matter where you take it with you, it’ll be stored hygienically.

Zudoya also provides a Cool-Me™ Refrigerator bag and an instruction manual. Take it to the office, to college, to a meet-up with the girls, your choice. Take charge of your own well-being.

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