5 Mistakes That Can Lead To Network Downtime

As a business owner, you’re probably already aware of just how damaging network downtime can be to your organization’s productivity. If you experience network downtime frequently, it may be because there are some mistakes you need to correct at your facility.

The following are five mistakes that could lead to network downtime and thereby reduce productivity.

Choosing Lower-Level Hardware Solutions

To get the best possible performance out of your infrastructure, it’s important that you’re investing in enterprise-level hardware. Lower-grade hardware is likely to increase your chances of experiencing network failure.

Lower-level hardware doesn’t just increase chances of network failure. Failing to invest in enterprise-level hardware can also slow your connection down. This will also lead to production delays.

Not Having A Redundant Network Connection

Redundancies in your network connect help to ensure constant access. A redundant connection is definitely the best option for your facility if you can’t manage even a brief break in Internet connectivity at your facility.

With a redundant connection, you have multiple networks available to you to stay connected. That way, a malfunction in an individual network won’t necessarily cause¬†downtime at your facility.

Failing To Identify And Correct Internal And External Weaknesses

If you’ve never done so, you should have your system evaluated by an IT specialist to check for internal and external weaknesses. This will help you pinpoint any triggers that are causing your network to go down frequently.

Don’t focus only on internal weaknesses like malfunctioning fuses or faulty hardware. Also, consider possible external weaknesses. Make sure you’re putting adequate effort into cybersecurity to protect against external threats in addition to carefully inspecting your interiors for network issues.

Having No Backup Power Connection Available

Power failures should be expected. They happen eventually in any building. You can prepare for power failures by investing in a backup power source.

With a backup power source, your facility can continue to be productive right through a power failure. In particular, look into an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) option. With this type of backup power source, you won’t even lose power temporarily in the event of a power failure. This can save your employees from losing a great deal of valuable data because they were unable to save files before the power went down.

Failing To Take Advantage Of Colocation And/Or Cloud Technologies

Taking advantage of colocation and/or cloud technologies these days is important. For one thing, using these services makes it easy to back up your data. This way, you will be able to get your data back if your physical hardware and/or facility should be destroyed or severely damaged.

Look into using cloud servers and/or colocation centers to get your data backed up and secure.

If you’d like to correct any of the above-mentioned mistakes at your facility, you can work with an IT support company for assistance. The sooner you correct network issues leading to frequent downtime, the sooner you can realize optimal productivity at your organization.

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