The Difference Between Assited Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

As people age and have more difficulty caring for themselves, it may be time to consider different living arrangements. For many seniors, a sense of independence is most important to them. Unfortunately, even though they may not lose their independence completely, they may need help with their living circumstances. There are a couple of options available for different situations.

Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility can provide multiple perks for a senior and is considered a residential setting. In this setting, the senior will have more of a sense of independence. These types of facilities are for those that may need help with activities of daily living. These activities include things like bathing, dressing, eating and medication help.

In this setting, seniors have the opportunity for a lot of social interaction. Seniors who interact throughout the day are more likely to have a positive emotional state. Some even make fun of themselves with an obituaries online search. A good mood helps keep their mind engaged and functioning well. An improvement in the quality of life is another benefit of social activities. This type of environment can help prevent feelings of isolation, which can help overall health and well-being.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Alternatively, a skilled nursing facility is catered to individuals who need significant medical care. This care can include things like respiratory therapy, help for those with IV medications, or those who are on a ventilator. A skilled nursing facilities Essex County New Jersey can provide care for seniors with these issues.

At a skilled nursing facility, individuals have quick access to medical services when needed. Dietary needs and help with physical activity are readily available. Specialized therapy is another benefit and is specific to the client. This is important to help the individual get closer to their previous lifestyle. There are also opportunities to socialize to help with the healing process.

While both types of facilities are similar, there are differences. Determining which facility suits your needs is important before making a change.

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