The Fundamentals Of Commercial Garage Door Repairs

There are specific basic requirements for a commercial garage door. These include a hinge, rollers, torsion springs, and weather seals. They should be maintained correctly to ensure the door is functioning properly.


If you own a commercial garage door, you’ve likely encountered broken rollers at some point. They may be a nuisance to you or someone else and can also cause damage to other parts of the door. A damaged door can make your property vulnerable to intruders.

Rollers play a crucial role in the function of a garage door. You can determine the diameter of your rollers by measuring the length of their shafts. The standard size is two inches in diameter. In addition, the axles will vary.

Garage door rollers are made from a variety of different materials. Steel, nylon, and plastic are examples. 


The hinge is a crucial part of a garage door system. When the hinge fails, the entire garage door is affected. It will either require replacement or be repaired by a professional.

The roller end hinge is the most common type of garage door hinge. These hinges hold the standard double car-width door together in the center. They are carried by a roller shaft sprayed with lubricant.

A new hinge should last for several years. However, this will depend on your frequency of use. As with all garage door parts, the components can rust and wear out quickly if left in a neglected state.

Torsion springs

When you need commercial garage door repairs, it’s essential to know how to identify and address problems with torsion springs. It will help you to keep your assets and property safe.

Commercial garage door torsion springs are designed to withstand the weight of a heavy door. They are made in several sizes and can be used to match the design of your door.

Depending on your door type and weight, your spring may need to be replaced. Hiring a professional is best if you need the proper tools. Also, consider purchasing a lubricant to protect your spring from the harsh environment.

Weather seals

Weather seals are required to keep your garage cool and pleasant during the summer months and to prevent drafts from entering your home. They are a vital part of the garage door.

They are usually made of rubberized material and are located on the bottom of the garage door. These seals help to stop water from seeping through the opening. Aside from protecting your home from the elements, they also provide insulation.

There are many kinds of weather seals to choose from and experts like those at https://ohdpugetsound.com/commercial-garage-door-repair/ can help you determine what is right for your situation. Some are designed to fit into the top and sides of the door jamb, while others are made to be installed between the door and wall. The best one for your needs may depend on your particular climate.

Auto-reverse feature

If you own a commercial garage door, chances are that it has an auto-reverse feature. It is a safety feature that prevents people from being crushed under the door.

The auto-reverse feature reverses the door’s direction when it detects something in its path. For example, a child or pet might accidentally close the door and hit an object.

A photo eye sensor is a miniature camera-like sensor that sends a signal to the reverse door. These sensors are usually installed about six inches from the ground on garage doors.

Test the balance

If your garage door opener is giving you grief, it could be time to check its balance. The test is pretty straightforward. It’s best to do this once a year. It will ensure that you’re not working harder than you need to.

You’ll need to remove the manual release lever to do the test. You’ll also need to disconnect the opener from the door. A small piece of wood in the center of the door will serve as a good starting point.

The balance is an important matter to consider. An unbalanced door will work harder than a properly balanced one. Also, a well-balanced door will last longer.

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