What You Need To Know About The Good Neighbor Next Door Program

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is an agency that assists with affordable and fair housing. It has a variety of programs that can make homeownership a reality for everyone, regardless of income. HUD has a program called Good Neighbor Next Door. This program has a specific focus on helping public service workers find affordable homes and assist them in buying those homes. As with any government program, there are specific requirements and limitations of this program.


The main qualification for this program is that a person must be in a specific profession. According to HUD, the qualifying professions include:

  • Emergency medical technician
  • Firefighter
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Teacher in grades pre-K to 12

A buyer must work full-time in one of these professions and agree to continue working in this profession for at least one year after the purchase of the home. Other HUD criteria for this program include using the home as a primary residence for at least three years after purchase and not have previously owned a home in the year before using the program.


The program offers the opportunity for a qualified individual to buy a home from HUD’s inventory at 50% of the list price. These homes are in an area that HUD designates as a revitalization area. It is possible to combine the program with an FHA loan, which will reduce the down payment to only $100. The program also offers additional loans for repairs to the home under FHA.


A person may participate in the Good Neighbor Next Door program by first finding a home in the HUD listings. The listings will provide information about the next step to take to show interest in a specific property.

He or she will then have to apply for the program and provide evidence that he or she meets the requirements. Upon approval, the person must sign two mortgages. The first is for the lender for the actual mortgage on the home. The second is a mortgage on the amount of the discount. Should the person not live in the home for at least three years, he or she will have to pay this second mortgage, but if the individual does stay in the home for the required time, the second mortgage becomes void.

Make Buying A Home a Reality

The Good Neighbor Next Door program is a way for HUD to offer homebuying help to those in public service positions. Anyone who qualifies for this program should consider submitting an application to make homeownership easier.


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