The Importance Of SMS Integration

One of the benefits of SMS integration is that it automates many processes that would otherwise be manual. Instead of using separate applications to send and receive SMS, APIs can replace the process completely. Using an API, a company can seamlessly distribute the same message across many platforms. Time-sensitive messages can be scheduled for delivery at the exact time that they’re most effective. For more information, read this article ( It contains valuable information on SMS integration.

Text messaging is a direct connection

SMS text messaging integration is a powerful way to send and receive text messages from your Salesforce CRM. When integrated properly, SMS text messaging will help enterprise businesses generate more leads, boost productivity, and increase sales. However, selecting the right SMS text messaging platform for your Salesforce CRM implementation can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are dozens of SMS providers to choose from, and each provider has its own views on how the integration should work.

It’s a global communication channel

While SMS as a communication channel is still growing, it is constantly being challenged by OTT channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Line. SMS integration helps businesses stay in touch with their customers, regardless of their preferred messaging platform. OTT channels offer a variety of advantages over SMS, which includes an array of features. Using a Gateway, a business can send messages to customers on any channel, including Facebook Messenger.

It’s safer than email

One question you may have is whether SMS integration is safe. There have been many attacks and scams with SMS, including Russian malware and phishing attacks. Fortunately, these threats can be easily mitigated in the US market, but it’s essential that your API security is up to standard and can protect your system from attacks.

It improves deliverability

SMS integration with email marketing can increase your deliverability rates. It’s important to follow network policies and regulations to ensure the maximum deliverability of your SMS campaign. In addition, you should use a reliable API to send SMS with custom shortcodes, engage in two-way conversations, and send images and attachments automatically optimized for mobile. By using a reliable SMS API, you’ll also increase your email deliverability rates. The 2022 Deliverability Guide provides guidelines and best practices for SMS integration.

It allows for multi-channel marketing

One of the most powerful ways to integrate SMS into multi-channel marketing is by using Amperity, a customer relationship management platform that stitches together every interaction between a business and its customers. It then uses that data to personalize messages and drive higher ROI. The Amperity Customer 360 profile is an extremely powerful tool, updated daily based on shopping behavior and purchases. It is essential for businesses to integrate SMS with Amperity and ensure that their SMS marketing campaign reaches the right audience.

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