Top 4 Ways Staffing Firms Save Your Company Money

Imagine managing a business and suddenly finding yourself short-staffed. Panic starts to set in. You consider hiring new staff, but the thought of reading resumes, interviewing, and training sounds terrible. Plus, you might be overstaffed once your big project is complete or employees come back from leave. You’ve heard about temp services, but surely they must be expensive. The truth is, using a staffing firm can actually be a great way to save your company money.

Less Training Pay

Training a new employee is time-consuming. Not only are you paying them for their training hours, but you may also be paying their trainer an additional amount. If you only need short-term help, spending money on training can be frivolous. Staffing firms Boston or your hometown provide staff that is already trained to do the job you need.

Less Overhead

Temporary workers are employed by the staffing firm instead of your company. That means you do not have to provide benefits like you would for full-time employees. You can save a substantial amount of money on paid time off, health insurance, 401k plans, and more. Staffing firms even handle hiring paperwork, workers’ comp, and taxes.

Less Overtime

Being short-staffed often leads to overtime pay for your available employees. It doesn’t take long for overtime costs to add up. Employees may also start burning out from the increased workload. You can bring in temps to fill in those extra hours and projects.

Less Wasted Time

In business wasted time is wasted money. Management can save hours if they bypass the employee screening and interviewing process. That time could be better used working on something more fruitful for the company.

If you find your company in temporary need of an extra employee, be sure to consider a staffing service. It’s a convenient way to save money on training, overhead, overtime, and wasted opportunities.

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