Typical Activities In A Good Assisted Living Facility

Getting older may come with some difficult decisions. One decision may involve where you will live as you grow older and need more help or want to be around more people your age. Luckily, many assisted living communities provide more than a place to live. Seniors can also look forward to a variety of activities in these places.

Typical Activities in a Good Assisted Living Facility

Music Therapy

In addition to listening to the swinging music of your youth, you may also have access to music therapy. Music therapy is often used to help dementia patients.

Community Eating

You will have plenty of company now that you are in a community. In between family visits, you will have plenty of same-age friends to chat with over a meal or snack.


Are you looking forward to enhancing your painting skills or practicing origami? You may learn how to knit sweaters or become tech-savvy.


A large facility will often have access to a golf course. Practice your T game any day of the week.

Animal Visits

Therapy animals such as dogs and cats are often brought into assisted living areas for comfort. Don’t worry, these pets are often even-tempered breeds, like Golden Retrievers, Labradors, etc.


Get your body moving by walking, swimming, or yoga. You may even have dance lessons. Life in an assisted living facility is the start of the next phase in your life. Places like Fort Myers Senior Living Communities can provide joy, activities, and constant companionship.

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