Useful Warehouse Storage Solutions You Will Like

When you own a warehouse, storage solutions become one of your biggest concerns. Pallets of goods and materials are not uncommon in this situation. The perfect way to solve your problem is with one of the many pallet racks Houston, Texas. You have your choice from one of the various styles of pallet racks. You should choose the one that suits your storage needs.

Push Back Racks

If you store many of the same types of products, a push back rack system might be good for you. Think of a grocery store where goods are stocked so that when you pull one out, the others slide forward. When you add a pallet, it pushes the others back. When you remove one, the ones behind it slide forward.

There are racking companies that specialize in this sort of pallet rack. These racks are for goods that do not have an expiration date since the first pallet you put in is in the back, and the last pallet you put in is in the front.

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks are excellent if you have a wide variety of goods. It gives you direct access to all the goods because each pallet has its spot. These are excellent if you are a low volume warehouse that needs access to each pallet individually or has very fast-moving products. This solution requires a lot of aisles and requires a lot of space.

Drive-In Pallet Racks

Drive-in pallet racks increase your storage space and work well for those that have a high volume and limited space. These racks allow a forklift to pull into the actual rack to pick up a pallet. You can store goods several pallets deep. It requires less aisle for driving and allows you to store more goods. It is a last in and first out solution, so older goods will be difficult to access.

Gravity Fed Pallet Racks

Gravity-fed pallet racks are good for high volume, fast-moving goods. The racks are set on an incline, so the pallets slide into position to be picked up. Pallets can be pushed very deep and easily removed, with the next one sliding into place. You load the rack from one side and pick up the pallet from the other, making this a very efficient system.

It isn’t easy to select the right storage situation. It takes time and planning. You will need to consider how much space you have, what products you are storing, and handling costs. Pallet racks offer a stable solution to keeping all types of goods.

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