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3 Ways Doctors Can Combat Stress

Becoming a doctor is no easy feat. From graduating at the top of your class in college to acing the MCAT and making it through med school, it takes a lot of commitment to dive into the deep world of medicine. There are people such as Rachel Tobin Yale, a teaching professional who can help you navigate the rough waters of applications and help with tutoring.

However, if you do make it through the challenges and become a doctor, being in the field isn’t all rainbows and sunshine either. It can be draining on your mental and emotional health if you don’t practice proper self-care. Here are three useful tips for how a doctor can combat these stressors.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Schedule

As a doctor, you’re there to help people in their most grim situations. That alone is stressful, but if you’re not in the right mind frame, you won’t be able to adequately help anyone. Being overworked is a major issue if you don’t take control of your schedule.

Any doctor should analyze how they’re currently spending their time and see if there are ways to steal time from other places. Time management is key to helping anyone feel prepared and purposeful in their workday.

2. Add Automation To Your Routine

Technology has come a long way in society, and you should use it to your benefit. A doctor should look for ways in their routine where they can include automation. For example, how are you taking notes? If you’re writing everything down in a notebook and then typing it, are you really being efficient?

You could talk into your phone which would then be able to generate a text-based document. The more you include automation on the tedious parts of your profession, the more time you’ll have with sick patients who highly value your medical expertise.

3. Assign Your Staff Tasks

If you’re unable to automate something, make sure you surround yourself with a staff committed to helping the office run smoothly. The nurses and administrative professionals on board should be able to help with a lot of tasks that aren’t directly related to medicine. Make sure the people who are checking patients in get the right information from them before you see the patient because it’ll save you time gathering information, so you can get to the root of their visit.

In any profession, finding balance is key to maintaining productivity. As a doctor, you have to take into account your own health as you strive to help others with theirs.

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