Ways To Ensure That Your Employees Are Drug Free

Drug screening has become so common that almost every worker in certain occupations must submit to random, periodic, or post-incident testing. In addition, federal laws require the testing of workers in the transportation industry and other industries to follow state and local regulations. Some employers may even require pre-employment testing check Sterling Check. But the importance of drug screening goes beyond the law. Here are some ways to ensure that your employees are drug-free:

Pre-employment drug testing

Some employers require pre-employment drug screening, while others perform random tests once they hire an employee. The reasoning behind these tests is that the substance they are looking for is likely to impact the safety of the workplace or an employee’s job performance. If you’re asked to submit to a drug test, you may be able to request a re-test if you’ve recently taken drugs. In addition, the lab may keep a second sample or part of it for re-testing.

Random drug testing

While you might be tempted to choose a random selection method, this method is often not as reliable as you think. This is because drug users are highly skilled at concealing their addictions, making it nearly impossible for employers to know if an employee is taking drugs. Random testing eliminates that guesswork by giving each employee a fair chance. It is also crucial to ensure the random selection process is scientific and accurate.

Hair samples

Hair sample analysis is important for detecting illicit drugs and other substances in human blood. An alcohol hair test uses the metabolites of drugs that are not found in the drug itself. The presence of these metabolites indicates that the person has ingested the substance. Drugs such as crack, heroin, and cannabis can cause external contamination of the hair. Analyzing hair for the presence of these metabolites is possible using immunological techniques such as radioimmunoassay.

GC/MS tests

Using the GC/MS platform for drug screening, clinicians can identify a variety of drugs and substances. These tests have helped clinicians in complex toxicology cases. For example, in one case, a 71-year-old female patient was admitted to the emergency room with an altered mental state. She shared a room with a patient of the same name and was prescribed a different medication from her roommate.

Informed consent

An informed consent process is a critical link between a potential human subject and an investigator conducting human subjects research. The informed consent process starts with the investigator approaching a potential subject and continues through the study’s completion. According to HHS regulations, investigators must obtain informed consent from their prospective issues before engaging them in research. These investigators may include researchers, physicians, nurses, administrators, students, and other individuals responsible for protecting human subjects’ rights and welfare.


One of the main limitations of drug screening is its cost. The process of drug testing requires a lot of time and resources, and some screenings are duplicative. Another major drawback is the delayed results, which hamper the effort to change behavior. But the cost is justified if you consider the benefits of drug screening. So, read on to learn about the main limitations of drug screening. And see what you can do to avoid these challenges.

Discipline for refusing to test

If you are a truck driver, you may wonder how you will deal with an employee who refuses to take a drug test. Well, there are several reasons why you might refuse to take a drug test. It could be that you don’t want to undergo the drug test or that you’re unwilling to give an adequate sample. In any case, refusing a drug test can have serious consequences. If you are in this situation, you’ll have to stop driving immediately, get evaluated by a substance abuse professional, and take a resumption drug test.

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