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4 Ways To Take Pride In Your Backyard

The novel coronavirus pandemic has lasted for so long that it’s time to rethink your outdoor arrangements to optimize them for social distancing. You want to make your backyard comfortable enough that you can entertain friends and family there throughout the year. If looking at your backyard makes you have a headache, or you want a complete refresh by installing something like a new patio or stone wall, you can contact a local landscaper or try one of these tips here to make it the place to be during the pandemic.

1. Add Some Shade

No one likes to sit in the summer sun for hours, but in the colder months, a little sunshine is welcome. To balance these two situations, take advantage of Shade Outdoor Living Solutions. If you have a large patio, install retractable patio shades Austin. For picnic tables, purchase large umbrellas that can easily be taken down on windy or cloudy days. To extend your covered space into your yard and host a larger socially-distant gathering, invest in a large awning.

2. Take Care Of Your Yard

Yards that are full of dead grass and weeds do not look attractive. In addition to cutting the grass regularly and trimming the edges with a weed whacker, put an all-natural fertilizer or grass seed on your lawn. Rake your leaves regularly and then throw them away or compost them so that they do not kill your grass. If you have a garden, weed it and plant some flowers that are easy to take care of, such as daffodils and marigolds. These maintenance jobs not only make your yard look nicer, but they also give you some exercise and time outside.

3. Wash Your Siding

When you think about cleaning your house, you think of decluttering, vacuuming, and dusting. However, you should also clean the outside of your house. Your siding is filthy from storms and grass-cutting, and it makes your whole yard look less attractive. Spend a day hosing down your siding and washing it with an environmentally-friendly soap. This job only needs to be completed every few months, but it has a drastic effect on your yard’s appearance.

4. Purchase New Furniture

Outdoor furniture quickly becomes faded and broken. Pick out some new chairs, tables, and pillows that can withstand the elements and remain comfortable for years. If you remember to bring them inside during storms, they’ll last even longer.

Rather than bemoaning how hard it is to gather inside during the pandemic, make the most of your backyard with these tips.

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