What You May Not Know About Architectural Services

Most people think that architects simply draw up new homes and buildings but they do much more than that. For example, they ensure your build adheres to all local building codes during the construction process and offer architectural design services pre-construction.

Build Consultants

Your architect should be someone you consult on all the things you are unsure about. For example, you may need help choosing flooring, space, and build-site planning and construction materials. They can advise on all of these as well as give suggestions for the suppliers and manufacturers you may need, such as the best domestic hex nut manufacturers in your area, for example.

These professionals also understand the permitting process, including when drawings should be submitted. They will also understand zoning and the building codes that your building will be subject to.

Your architect should also be familiar and have working relationships with several local construction managers and general contractors. They are also familiar with the bid process and understand how to evaluate and compare bids from different companies.


An architect can look at your home and determine whether you are using all the square footage to its greatest advantage. These professionals may also offer solutions to make the home flow better, such as preventing crowded hallways where the laundry room is located.

If you have a historic home or live in a historic district, you may be required to adhere to specific aesthetics, and this is where specialized architectural design services come in handy. In addition, modifying historic homes can be more challenging than more modern homes. A good architect who deals with historic homes can be a valuable asset. This individual will negotiate and consult with the historic council and understand what is necessary to change these types of homes.

Land Use

Not only can architects help you find the best build site, but they can also help you determine where you should build any outbuildings, place septic systems (when necessary) and even design landscaping that will flatter your building or home. They can identify any obstacles inherent in your build site, such as cliffs or improper soil structure. Then, they can make adjustments to the plans to overcome these obstacles.

Find an architect that will provide you with all the services you need and ensure that your build provides you with everything you want at or under your budget.

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