Why Cubicles Might Be Right For Your Growing Business

Your business is growing. Congratulations! If this growth includes a hiring surge, you may need to adapt your office environment accordingly by adding new desks or workstations.

Of course, increasing your workforce is already an expensive endeavor — so how can you purchase the office furniture you need without exceeding your budget? Pre owned cubicles may be the solution.

More Privacy and Productivity

Open floor plans are popular, but many people work better in a more private setting. This is something to consider when arranging your office space.

Cubicles are a great option for your employees because they can satisfy the needs commonly addressed by both open concepts and panel-divided workstations: You can decide how open or private the cubicles are by choosing the panel height that appeals most to you.

Superior Versatility at a Lower Cost

Go with a lower panel, and collaboration happens naturally. On the other hand, a taller separator allows for more privacy and sound buffering for sales or telemarketing callers employed by your business. You can mix and match so multiple teams can occupy the same room, thereby saving you the cost of leasing more office space.

There are many types of cubicles, from minimalist models made up of a simple flat surface with dividers to more elaborate models with cabinetry and shelving. Corner, L-shaped, and U-shaped options help you to maximize your square footage without wasting space. Best of all, you should be able to find all these styles used, which lowers expenses.

Personal Expression

Of course, cubicles also allow your employees a space for their own personal expression. Workers can get creative with decor and organization in ways that purely open offices don’t allow.

The growing pains of your expanding company shouldn’t include high furniture costs or lost productivity. Opting for cubicles, especially ones that are previously owned, can give you a leg up.

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