3 Foods Susceptible To Causing Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an illness that is caused by consuming food that has been contaminated in some way, often by bacteria or parasites. Some of the symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Good food safety practices help reduce the risk of food poisoning. However, there are some foods that come with an increased risk of causing illness. Here are three common foods that can cause food poisoning. 

1. Chicken

Chicken and other poultry products are one of the most common culprits for food poisoning. The main reason for this is that poultry harbors a lot of bacteria if it has not been cooked for long enough. Avoiding cross-contamination and keeping foods at an appropriate temperature through hot food displays and other methods can help with preventing foodborne illness. However, the most important thing is to make sure poultry is cooked all the way through. 

2. Fish

Fish, including shellfish, can become contaminated if it is not stored at a low enough temperature. Raw fish, such as that in sushi, is especially susceptible to causing foodborne illness since it does not have the opportunity to be cooked and have germs eliminated through heat. 

3. Leafy Green Vegetables

Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, and spinach come with a risk of contamination if they have not been washed thoroughly. While these foods are very healthy for people to eat, the leaves come with many crevices that need extra attention while cleaning. Some ways that vegetables can become contaminated with bacteria include being handled while packaging, or by coming into contact with dirty water and soil while growing in a field. Make sure to wash all fruits and vegetables before eating, particularly if they are going to be eaten raw. 

Be extra careful when you are preparing any of these three types of food, in order to avoid foodborne illness. 

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