3 Office Supplies For New Employees

When it is time to onboard a new employee, there are many tasks to take care of before his or her first day. 

From granting the network access to fax machines and printers Falls Church VA,  to getting the employee’s work area ready, there are numerous steps to consider. While you may not know all of the supplies that he or she will need, there are some essentials that can at least provide a solid start. 

1. File Folders 

No matter what kind of role your new employee has, there are always reasons to need file folders when working in an office environment. As one of the most efficient ways to organize offline, there are numerous options to choose from. Providing multiple colors can help your new employee come up with his or her own organizational system. 

2. Scissors

You never know when an employee is going to need a pair of scissors. As useful as they can be, however, it is not uncommon for there to be officewide shortages of this essential supply. For this reason, it may be a good idea to ask around to see who else needs a new pair when you place your order. 

3. Paper Clips

There is no such thing as too many paper clips. With all of the papers that come across an office worker’s desk, paper clips may be one of the most valuable yet underrated office supplies that exist. With that said, they are also easy to misplace, lose or accidentally destroy or throw away. Ordering extra is always smart.
Of course, there are many other types of supplies to think about before your employee clocks in for his or her first day, but these three items are ones that are easy to overlook. Consider asking other employees in similar roles for further suggestions. 

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