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3 Ways To Make You The Most Agreeable Dinner Guest

Formal events can be intimidating. The codes of conduct associated with formal affairs usually coincide with being tenacious, disciplined, or even dreary. These rules, albeit formidable, can also be helpful once learned. Granted, the formalities of Manhattan NY differ from the social etiquette Houston TX. However, these pointers will guide you through any fancy event, regardless of location.

Invitations Are Informative

A skillfully designed invitation features all of the necessary information for guests. It essentially sets the tone for the event. The first obligation as a guest is to RSVP. Responding within the first week of receiving the invitation allows the host enough time to plan properly. Contacting the host to RSVP also serves as an opportunity to ask any questions, such as what the dress code may be. Dressing appropriately shows respect and gratitude to your host.


The type of event you are attending can determine the appropriate time of arrival. Informal events allow for leeway on tardiness. However, for formal affairs, such as a sit-down dinner, it is crucial to be prompt. In the event of being delayed, contact the host in advance. Unless requested specifically, never arrive early. A host depends on those last few minutes to perfect the finishing touches.

Dining Decorum

Common courtesy is not as common as it seems. With this in mind, it never hurts to brush up on basic decorum. For instance, placing a napkin on your lap or chewing with your mouth closed is always considered proper. A modern faux pas to avoid is the constant use of your cell phone. An accomplished conversationalist gives the other party their full attention, which is difficult when checking the phone every two minutes. It is unnecessary to turn it off, but at least put it away for the evening.

In sum, being fully versed in social etiquette will shift your focus from worrying to enjoying the moment. After all, having fun is the purpose of a celebration.


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