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3 Rentals To Make Your Summer Event A Success

If you’re planning a big event this summer, you’re surely up to your ears in rental possibilities for your guests, ranging from sound systems to hygiene solutions. Although you’re probably already drafting ideas for entertainment and food, don’t neglect some of the unique needs and expectations that summer events may warrant. While you’re putting together your event plans, consider including the following amenities for your guests.


Even if your facility of choice already comes with lavatories, large events might result in long wait times and potentially unsanitary conditions from over-crowded bathrooms. Mobile restroom trailers help prevent these problems. These specially-equipped trailers can be set up nearly anywhere, as they are self-contained.

You can rent as many or as few as you need, with none of the “ick” factors of port-a-potties. Many trailers include an attendant, ensuring safe, clean restrooms are available (and well-stocked) for the entire duration of your event — offering real peace of mind for all event planners.

Cooldown Station

Summer heat can really take a toll on your guests. In addition to supplying adequate water throughout the event, consider including a cooldown station at your event. Fans, misting bottles, and ice-cold treats are all excellent items to stock at this type of station.

If space and electricity access allows, rent some large fans to provide a welcome breeze in stuffy areas. Casual outdoor events with children in attendance might also enjoy fun additions like water balloons or inexpensive squirt guns to keep the whole family cool.

Dance Floor

Nothing says “summer party” like a good old-fashioned dance floor. Whether you have a full live band or just a portable sound system to pair with it, a dance floor keeps the party going for everyone. Set the mood with string lights and classic jazz music for a laid-back feel, or colorful floodlights and upbeat pop music for a more lively one.

Some events might lend themselves well to an open dance floor all night (think barn parties), while others (like a gala) might benefit from a specially planned block or two of dance time worked into the evening’s schedule. You could even consider hiring a performing arts team for a truly memorable event.

Summer events can come with some real logistical challenges. Fortunately, with a little extra advance planning and some specialized rentals, you can ensure your event will be the highlight of your guests’ dog days and a special experience for them to share with their families.

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