4 Injection Mold Maintenance Tips

If you want to make top-notch products, the equipment you use can’t be subpar. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly buy new and better injection molds, but take care of the ones you have.

Make It Routine

Cleaning and handling molds too often can lead to damage and poor product quality, but the same can be said of not doing it enough. Make a habit of cleaning molds when they’re taken off the production line and again when they’re put back.

Let Go

Make sure the mold release you are using is appropriate to the machine and materials you’re working with. A good quality mold release will reduce the need for cleaning, create a more uniform product and most importantly, speed up production with easy removal.

Breakdown Buildup

Abrasive cleaners should be used sparingly as they can damage the mold. Chemical cleaners may be preferable, but the evaporation rate should be established first so the cleaner won’t contaminate your materials. Gentler purge compounds Noblesville IN may be all you need to address buildup inside the mold. No matter which method you pick, do a test run of your mold afterward to ensure there are no contaminants left in your equipment.

Prevent Rust

When a mold isn’t in use it should be stored somewhere dry and moderate. Don’t leave it outside where it may be exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures. If you have to ship it, package it appropriately. There are chemicals that you can apply to give an extra layer of protection against rust, but be sure to use only products that were made with industrial machinery in mind. You don’t just want a product that just repels water, but skin acids and other substances that may result from handling.

By taking care of your injection molds you’re not only guaranteeing quality to your customers but potentially prolonging your mold’s usability.

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