4 Things To Know About Workers Compensation Claims

Accidents don’t just happen on the road. You spend much of your day and work, and it’s possible you could suffer an injury there. If something goes wrong and you’re hurt, you could qualify for workers’ compensation. The following are four essential things to know about making a claim.

If you need financial assistance, speak with a lawyer about how to proceed with your bills. No matter your location, whether you’re looking for Portland, Oregon workers compensation law advice and a lawyer or one for your location, you can find a lawyer in your area by searching ‘best workers compensation lawyer near me’ online.

1. Do It Quickly

Don’t wait to do something about it if you need medical attention. Workers comp may be available, but many industries require prompt reporting and have specific requirements to receive financial aid. Talk to your manager immediately.

2. Don’t Ignore Medical Advice

You need a paycheck, but you also need to rest. That is a hard line, and it’s tempting to push through the discomfort to earn your bi-weekly check. However, you don’t want to jeopardize your health or a claim. Follow medical advice as best as possible. If you need financial assistance, speak with a lawyer about how to proceed with your bills.

3. Don’t Hide Information

It’s imperative to remain open and honest about your situation. What happened the day you were hurt? Did you make a mistake? Was there something wrong with the equipment? Give as much information as possible, and don’t withhold details.

4. Consider a Cash Settlement

It can take years for a workers’ compensation claim to come through, and you may not have that time. You have rent or mortgage payments to make. Discuss the benefit of cash settlements Oregon. The lump sum may come faster than a legal dispute and could give you enough to offset medical and financial costs.

It happens. People get hurt at work. Companies have workers’ compensation plans to assist with these situations. It’s up to you to report your accident and report the details correctly. In addition, listen to medical experts, heeding their advice. Be patient and consider a lump sum settlement.

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