5 Potential Delays For Quick Home Sales

Are you looking to add your home to the homes for sale in Asheville NC listings, or house listings near you? If so, follow these tips for avoiding potential roadblocks that could keep your house from selling quickly.


A majority of homebuyers go through the traditional “bank financing” process. For buyers looking to drive fast home sales, if the buyer isn’t pre-approved, this could thwart any fast sales.


Negotiating is to be expected as the seller and buyer jockey to find a price that works for both. This naturally, however, can drag out the purchasing process.


In the home buying process, the buyer has the power to add contingencies to the purchase that can cause some major delays to that final sale date. For example, one contingency they might add is that the house they are currently living in sells before a close date is set if they buy a home or that the inspection comes back without any major issues.

The Final Walkthrough

Before you hand over the keys of your home to the new owners, a final walk-through will be conducted up to a week before closing. If something isn’t right — for example, an issue pointed out in the inspection hasn’t been addressed — this can seriously hold up any chance for fast home sales.

Closing Delays

When the closing date is set, you may think that your home sale is finally done. But, there are a lot of little things that could still cause it to stall. For example, there could be issues with a wire transfer.

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