Arrested For Drug Possession? Consider These 3 Things

Many people are arrested for possession of drugs each year, flooding prosecutor desks with cases. Often, it’s because police uncovered a small amount of substance, and, by law, they must charge with an offense. While sometimes this leads to a more significant case, it could be possible to mitigate or erase the charge. Those accused should be careful in their decisions, weighing the following three things.

1. Request To Take an Educational Class

If it’s a first offense for something minimal, the prosecution may want to dismiss the case. Likely, you will have to take online drug abuse courses. This choice allows you to get proactive about facing drug use, learn about the substance and show good faith to others. The prosecutors may also ask you to pay a fine. Don’t hesitate. It’s possible this decision could erase the incident from your record.

2. Consider Rehab

Judges like an effort to control and overcome your addiction. Enter a rehab facility, showing good faith to overcome drugs and restore your health. Consult your attorney before taking action, but it could help minimize your charges or penalties. 

3. Find a Loophole

Work with your lawyer to discuss the discovery circumstances. If you can prove that the drugs were found illegally, you could dismiss charges. Did the police have the right to search your car? Can you show that the drugs could be some else’s? You’re on a hunt to drop the charges with whatever you can find. This situation is far more likely if you can have the evidence tossed out.

If you’re arrested for drugs, don’t give up. There are ways to fight or mitigate the charges, so you can get back to living your life. Work with a legal firm to discuss the case’s circumstances, and show the prosecution efforts to be learned from your mistake.

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